Adjustment Disorders

Nevertheless, if stress is neglected by an individual who is prone to it will be endangered by adjustment disorder. Researcher has studied that in a clinical setting in the general populace, unprecedented life stress such as school disorientation, divorce and sorrow could lead to an abnormal and unlikely reaction.

Common Symptoms of Adjustment Disorders

Common symptoms of adjustment disorder are also manifested in other stress disorder. These manifestations severely affect his or her social mobility, work performance and personal reflection. Symptoms like agitation resulted to violence and destruction of one’s inner peace is just of the one of the symptoms that is characterized by anger and hatred. Conduct disturbances is outwardly evident in this disorder. This affects work relationship toward the superiors and coworkers and even emotional consciousness towards self.  Depression, in medical psychology, is highly risk disorder may also observe in adjustment disorder. Depression is a very serious mental disorder that is apparently shown by mental deprivation. Palpitations and trembling or twitching are common in human behavior may affect nervous system to work in a proper coordination. Physical complaints like pimples, irregular excretion and excessive sweating may hinder social interaction and personal awareness. Typically, it begins within 3 months as the stimuli that create stress may usually do not last longer than 6 months depending on how the person handles his or her emotional control. Symptoms of adjustment disorder are generally characterized by both physical and mental disturbances.

Major Cause

Based on the recent studies, marital conflict and financial problems in adults often develop adjustment disorder. Children witnessing parent confrontation during their childhood days may experience this kind of disorder in their later years without the intervention of proper counseling and guidance. Family conflict, school problems and sexuality issues are common causes of adjustment disorder in adolescents. During this age, they are susceptible to different changes that affect their emotional aspect. Unexpected catastrophes like hurricanes, earthquakes, flashfloods, avalanche and fire are greatly affected the people in the third world countries. General life changes like marriage, death, transfer of work and creation of family are commonly experienced by all walks of life and this could also affect the emotional aspect of the human being but if it is not properly monitored may result to depression or a serious disorder like adjustment disorder. Prediction on which people who are affected by the same stress are most likely to develop adjustment disorder is still debatable. It entails a thorough examination to find out whether this person really possesses this kind of disorder or not. A person could react to stress will depend on his economic status, morale stability and social diversity. Factors like financial conditions, social support, and career and recreational opportunities greatly influence his interaction to people and coping with the stress that anytime may affect him. Also, environmental and social factors such like coping strategies, intelligence, flexibility, genetic factors and social skills may be influenced person’s vulnerability to stress. 


Aside from the medications used, additional forms of treatment are usually done for the efficient and effective recovery of the patients affected by adjustment disorder. Health professionals practicing health and mental therapies recommended the following treatments including behavioral therapy, individual psychotherapy, and family therapy and self-help groups. The main objective of this treatment to facilitate the fast recovery of the person to go back on his normal level of tasking and functioning and mitigate symptoms prior to the occurrence of the stressful and dreadful event. Adjustment disorder is curable with the help of proper psychological intervention and medication.