Advanced Idiopathic Fibrosis

Several studies show that Viagra can help patients that suffer from Advanced Idiopathic Fibrosis. This particular condition is incurable and the effects are progressive scarring in the lungs, that in the majority of the cases will lead to a lung transplant.

Recent clinical studies show that more than 50% of the patients treated with Generic Viagra were able to improve their walking distance during the six minutes walk test. Which means that the Sildenafil active component of the Viagra can help to restore the lung functions. The persons that suffer from Idiopathic Fibrosis will often suffer from pulmonary hypertension which also constricts the arteries and avoid proper blood flow to the lungs, resulting in a diminished lung capacity and breathing problems.

According to recent studies, Sildenafil may help to restore the breathing capabilities by dilating the blood vessels and allowing more blood flow to circulate into the lungs. In the latest research carried out by the David Geffen School of medicine at the UCLA, 14 patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis were submitted to an initial six minute walking test. Then, the patients started a treatment for 3 moths with oral Sildenafil and then they were submitted to another walking test. The results were that 57% of the patients were able to improve their walking distance with an average of 161 feet.

This type of studies brings hopes to people that suffer from this condition knowing that something that does not have a known cure is actually on the verge of getting positive results. Who would have thought that a medication that can cure erectile dysfunction could be used to cure other conditions? Ever since Viagra came out, it has been a subject of many different studies and knowing that this drug has been found as a potential cure for Idiopathic Fibrosis which really brings hope to many people with this condition.