Aerobic Rider

As we age, our muscles tend to lose its strength. If we are to keep fit, its essential that we engage in some kind of exercise. Today, with the variety of fitness equipment in the market, individuals from all ages can purchase the sort of machine they want that works best with the type of exercise method they use. Treadmills, stationary bikes and loads of other equipment are frequently used for these purposes.

The aerobic rider is a kind of fitness equipment that a majority of youngsters as well as older people use in order to lose weight and burn their body fat. But recent studies show that this may not always be true with the aerobic rider. Professionals from the IDEA Fitness and Health Association, after comparing the aerobic rider with other equipment such as treadmills, stationary bikes and cross-country skiers, came to a conclusion that the aerobic rider wasnt as good as the other equipment that helped in burning more calories.  

Individuals generally make use of different exercise machines mainly because they want to lose weight, increase their metabolism as well as increase their chances of burning fat fast. If an aerobic rider cant do the latter part, what use would it be for fitness freaks?

There were many more studies conducted on the aerobic rider to prove that it did not burn as much calories as the treadmill. Unfortunately, the results were still the same. Users who tried different types of aerobic riders ended up with similar outcomes. Although the total workout intensity was the same as the treadmill, the calories that were burned were in a lower category.  

In addition to the above findings, researchers also say that the aerobic rider has a limit to its workout level. For example, once a person hit a certain level of their fitness requirement, the aerobic rider was unable to provide with a more challenging workout thereafter.   

If you are wondering why the aerobic rider is still in the market if it has such shortcomings, think differently. Majority of individuals who are in the beginners stage of their fitness workout use the aerobic rider to get what they want. Some use it as a warm-up before doing more strenuous workouts. There are different aerobic riders in the market so its better to purchase one that fulfils your basic requirements.