Affiliate Traffic Cash Review

So another product comes on the market claiming it will make you thousands at the click of a button, not true. What this is though is a new piece of software developed by Ben Anderson which helps people get more targeted visitors to their website/video/article. Which in term will make you more money by converting these visitors into customers. It is all about traffic! So what do you actually get in this course?

I just received an email back from Ben about more information and a test copy of the product. I asked for what the software actually does, but he was unable to tell me for copyright reasons, which is fair. But he says if you have a website set up already and you are struggling with traffic and SEO, it will be very helpful. So I tried the software and tested it on a extremely competitive niche. The make money online niche.

My traffic I am happy to say did increase, it was by about 100-200 visitors a day which was nice, as at a 1% conversion rate I could make 2 sales a day just using this software for about an hour. My rankings went up to which I am very happy about, I went from page 4 rank 3 to page 3 rank 6 which was great for such a competitive niche. The only thing I will say almost against this software is that it may seem slightly spammy to some people who prefer to do there SEO and traffic generation more manually. Even though, I still I highly recommend you get this software for whatever business you are in.

So What is Affiliate Traffic Cash?

Affiliate Traffic Cash Software promises to be the best of breed software out there without fail.
My time and time tested again software has been making thousands of dollars of commissions using it’s free methods using nothing but the domain and that’s it!
Affiliate Traffic Cash software will not only drive free traffic to any website or webpage but will also monitze the traffic for our customers with an affiliate offer!
This software is going to be “Exactly” what our suffering customers have been looking for… No more false promises and high refunds… this software will be the best around for a long time to come!