Aggressiveness in The on The Internet Poker Tournaments


Poker tournaments are completely different from the regular ring games. The main difference is the number of players, but does not really matter how they should play, since only play against a table, what really matters are the blinds. In a ring game the blinds are always the same so you have to play always with the same aggression factor, but when you’re playing a poker tournament to aggression factor that fluctuate according to the blinds.

It is a common mistake to think that fictional lower the blinds, a loser and can play more aggressive. In fact quite the opposite, most of the shutters of the more flexible and more aggressive than he played.

To demonstrate, let’s put a theoretical example for you to understand. Imagine a game with the minimum curtains, 0 / 0, this is not entirely blind. If there are no blinds will be stupid to play any hand that is not pocket aces. Why risk losing money if you can always improve your hand?

Now imagine the opposite, a casino game where the blinds are so high that only has one more chip to gamble. It’s stupid sometimes by a single chip and therefore must go to the flop with any hand, since they are only risking a chip more and you can win a lot of them.

Therefore, the larger the blind the more aggressive you have to play not only for mathematical reasons, also because the players are more reluctant to call and even if you only win the blinds, you are making good progress in the tournament. The only exception is the final table that depend on and $ on many other factors like its position in the table, the amount of chips you have, the amount of money that will win in each step and the players at the table. Playing the final table is an art in itself.

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