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BMX Modem Bikes

There are many different types of bikes available in the market, but one of the best ones and newest versions is the BMX bike.  Bike pros like to ride the BMX bike since it is smooth and easy to navigate.

This BMX bike has a full CroMo steel frame, dual pegs and dual brakes, with one peg in the rear of the bike and another one in the front.

Just sit on the comfortable ultra-light saddle of the Modem BMX and ride with confidence into any park and try all your favorite tricks, you can even create new ones as you go along.

The low profile, CroMo fork on the Modem BMX has high tensile legs. For added power and stiffness it has 14mm wheel axles, and a three-piece crank-set to aid any rider for faster and more effective pedaling.

20” wheels and a complete hi-tensile bi-oval top-tube, U-brake mounts and removable rotor tabs makes this stunning bike a sure winner in the highest leaps and jumps on any road.

Modem BXM has a Tektro 907A U-Brake, soft gray pads so that that it can stop with a great lot of power.  The average retail price on this high performance, streamlined bike is $330.

With rims of alloy, brushed sides and stainless steel spokes, and a handlebar made from steel with an 8” rise, the Modem is one of the coolest looking BMX bikes on any trail.

The Modem bike is ready any day for a great aerial flight, just order one and open the box!