All About Steve Film Review


Mary Horowitz is a bit eccentric, she is back living at home as her apartment is being fumigated and works for the local newspaper creating crosswords. Mary is a bit of a loner and her parent decide she needs help to get a date so set her up on a blind one. Mary is undecided whether to go on the date or not but when her boss tells her she needs to start being more normal she decides to go on the date.

Enter Steve, he is a camera man for a big new channel and Mary find him very attractive. She gets into his truck and instantly starts talking and rambling on with all the facts she knows. Mary then jumps on Steve and starts undressing him but as they are about to get down to business Steve has a phone call from work and has to rush off. He is very pleased about this as Mary has not stopped talking once yet. Steve is polite to Mary and says that he wishes she could go on the road with him but he does leave without her.

Mary now thinks that Steve is the love of her life and dedicates a crosswords to him which sees her getting sacked so she takes it upon herself to go and find Steve and join him on the road. Unfortunately for Mary Steve is not happy that Mary has turned up as he thinks she is crazy so he tries to tell her to go home but his work colleague sticks his nose in and tells Mary that Steve has commitment issues and he does really love her.

Will Mary ever learn the truth from Steve and is he really the love of her life?

This film sounded good when I looked at t on the movie channels and I do like Sandra Bullock so I decided to give it a go, unfortunately I felt rather let down by it and thought it was more daft than funny. The storyline was only average and quite unbelievable at times and I think if they would have played it a bit straighter then I would have felt it to be slightly more realistic.

Sandra Bullock played the lead role of Mary and she was a very hard person to get to know, she at times came across as very off the wall and crazy and then in the next scene she would seem more normal and I just could not work her out. I did not like the way she kept on talking about random things and felt this was not needed for her character and she could have still been eccentric and different without this element. She dressed very strangely and very young for her age and this was very off putting at times. She did manage to deliver her lines well and despite feeling uncomfortable at times I thought she did an ok job with them. The uncomfortable parts were meant to be this as they were when she was trying to talk to Steve. Steve was played by Bradley Cooper and he did a good job with his role. He was a more normal and grounded character and I did feel sorry for him a lot of the time in the film. He tried very hard to tell Mary that he did not love her but with the help of his work colleague she just chose not to believe him. He looked good and was a strong character which was a nice refreshing change from all the other weak ones. I believed all of the lines he spoke and he did a good job in getting them across.

We did have a few support actors in the film but none of them really played a stand out part. They were the usual guys on the road and the new reader was a complete idiot and I really just wanted to punch him for the way he acted. A few of the actors included, Thomas Hayden church, Ken Jeong, Howard Hesseman and Beth Grant.

The film was shot and set in America in the present year so no real effort was needed for the sets, props or costumes. They were all good and in keeping with the storyline. I was not a fan of the clothes which Mary wore and felt they had tried to dress her too young and in trying to make her look eccentric they only made her look completely crazy, her red boots were awful too. The locations we got to see were all good and although there was no real difference between them all I was pleased that the majority of this film was based outside and not in some boring office area. The music was alright and again in keeping with the film and theme but there were no stand out tracks at all.

There are some laughs in the film but really only one or two good ones, they are more visual than spoken ones and for me the overall feel of the humour was more daft than funny. I think they had tried too hard with this film and the jokes and so they had lost their edge and did not work for me.

There are no bonus features to speak about as this is a film only review. The running time of the film is 99 minutes and the rate is a 12A. I agree with the rate and found the length was quite long enough as it was starting to get slightly boring towards the end. The DVD is available to buy from a variety of shops and also on line but I would not recommend wasting money on it.

I ma going to give this film 3 stars. It was an easy watch and had one or two amusing parts but overall it was not the best I had seen for a long time and the story started to get a bit boring towards the end. For me it has to be a film to watch when nothing better on and when it is on the TV so you don’t have to spend money on it.