Allow Your Unlimited Self

What if there is nothing that is blocking you from being the person you know you really are and from having everything you’ve ever wanted? What if the greatest power in the universe has been within you always without your acknowledgement? What if the moment you turn to it you begin to allow a greater power to flow through you?

We limit our True Selves because we have learned and accepted programs that inhibit the expression of who we really are. There are many ways that we have absorbed these limitations such as limiting programs we picked up from our parents, teachers, peers, grandparents, society, authority figures, even our birth has played a significant role in forming the way we experience the world. This programming started with a thought that became beliefs that became our limited perception or experience of our reality. But, the good news is it’s possible to transform these limitations completely.

The truth is that we already are our Unlimited Self. We already are enlightened. This true Self that we are is the essence of Praise, Love, Gratitude and ultimate freedom beyond imagination. We already are without limits, but our negative programming obscures our experience of our greater self. Thus we are convinced that our small self is all that we are. To believe that we’re strictly human is the greatest illusion of all. Many great masters have been telling us this fact but have we become so convinced of our limitations that we feel that to actually utilize innate unlimited powers is actually just a fantasy? Do we defend our own limitations when confronted with a larger idea?

Due to our programming our ego or small limited self, which is really just a collection of negative limiting thoughts that we believe to be true about ourselves, tells us that to move mountains, manifest instantly, live in the reality of unconditional and unending joy is unreal and unattainable. We have so much believed in our limitations that they have become seemingly more real than the truth! However, the truth remains and will always set us free. We remain perfect and unlimited whether we know it or not.
So, how do we release these limiting programs? How do we experience more of our true selves? The answer is simple yet incredibly powerful: we allow it! If we already are everything we want then we don’t have to become it, or create it we simply have to allow it. How do we allow it? We allow it when we are in alignment with it.

When we are in alignment with our Perfect Unlimited Self we are allowing ourselves to be as we truly are without limits. We align with it when we feel good. When we are in the vibration of Praise, Love and Gratitude we are allowing ourselves to be without limits. We are aligned when we follow our inner guidance that is always made known by the feelings of joy, expansion and love. We all have this inner voice. We hear it all the time but many of us have learned to suppress it. This beautiful inner voice of unconditional love communicates through our feelings. It prods us to express who we really are. It tells us that the only limits are the limits we choose to believe in. We are gently guided at every moment if we can just be open enough to listen to this still but omnipresent voice within. The feelings of resonance within us, is our soul rejoicing in our knowingness. This voice guides gently for all who choose to listen. It wants you to be great, to be powerful, to share your gifts with the world. It so gently guides you away from something that doesn’t feel right for you. It always lets you know what you need to know at every moment.

All that is required to allow your unlimited self is to first turn within, listen to the voice of your knowingness, trust it because it is unconditional love itself in communication with you gently guiding you into greater expression of who you really are. As you begin to listen and trust in your inner guidance you automatically begin to allow your unlimited self because you are vibrating in joy, praise, love and gratitude.

Written by: James A Sinclair, Creator of the award-winning documentary film What If? The Movie.(One of those spiritual movies you must see!)

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