Alternative Health Remedies

Many suffer from a digestive problem known as acidity, where the gastric glands of your stomach secrete excess acids than needed to digest food. I have suffered from this issue myself for a number of years.  After numerous doctor visits and little to show for it, I finally started researching this issue on my own.

I discovered a number of potential remedies that looked appealing to me since I prefer to use natural and alternative remedies over prescription drugs and harsh chemicals.  I started shopping at Whole Foods and other places where I could find foods that were less processed and closer to their natural, raw state.  That was the first step in helping me to heal my stomach and digestion.

I also began experimenting with certain juices, smoothies and herbs that seem to calm my stomach down.  In addition to all of that I began fasting during the day and eating a small meal at night.  I began to notice an immediate improvement in my stomach acidity and reflux and as an extra benefit, I stopped getting migraine headaches. 

I’m still perfecting my smoothing and juice recipe but I can say that the “secret sauce” is an herb called Turmeric.  It is a common herb that you can find in the grocery store or any natural foods store but I believe it has been the “X Factor” in helping to heal my own unique issues.

As I refine the recipe, I will publish more info on the benefits I have received from them.