American Limo Car Service in Nyc|Nyc Car Service

New York is full of great places such as Empire State Building, Central Park, and Times Square, radio city hall, restaurants, theaters, sports facilities, night clubs and recreation spots. But to get by them easily will require you to hire a car. A chauffeured car from nyc car service will make you forget about the travel and let you enjoy everything else. The Lincoln town car is an industry favorite for the safe and reliable transportation. These elegant limousines are at your service for any occasion. From airport transfers, corporate trips, to sporting events or a night around the city, it’s an affordable choice.

NYC car service offers two choices. One is to rent a car and drive yourself which is cheaper and the other is to hire a chauffeur driven car. Typically you are thinking to get from a point to another however if you are new to such big cities you will be lost. The best thing you can do is to hire a NYC car service that drives you to your hotel, take care of your luggage and will move you around the city with no problems at all. If on the other hand you are good at maps and don’t want to get stuck in crowd of tourists, you can get a car from NYC car service and make your own way.

Our select choice of SUVs includes Cadillac Escalade and Chevrolet Suburban. These roomy vehicles are equipped with premium sound system, DVD, rear seat entertainment and satellite radio. SUVs are perfect for passengers looking for extra room or entertainment. When you have decided what is best, you will face another challenge. NYC car service options are so many that you will probably choose one out of the first few. The advice here is to search a bit first. There are two reasons for this. First, you will be able to get better prices, know company reputations, their policies and car conditions and secondly if you are hiring a chauffeur driven car you will know from company safety record that the drivers are safe and you are ensured of you and your family’s safety.

Combination of luxury performance and innovation. Mercedes Benz is large inside and out. Loaded with a complete entertainment and premium sound system, Mercedes Benz has been a benchmark for luxury and style. Stretch limousine is a perfect choice for special occasions such as weddings, proms or a memorable night around town. With black clear coat exterior and black leather interior, you will experience a ride like no other. Equipped with the latest technology such as flat screen TV, DVD player, premium sound, fiber optic lighting, privacy window divider and more.

At a NYC car service you should also ask about what the company will charge you if you are late, on hourly basis or for a whole day. The gas charges differ from company to company. Some give a full tank and ask the car returned fully fueled, if not you pay charges. Others let you purchase your own fuel. There are many weekend specials as well offering lower prices. In many countries by law you won’t be able to rent and drive a car if you are under 25 or over 70. In this case you are better off hiring a chauffeured car rather than traveling in buses and taxis with fare usually comparable to normal chauffeured driven cars.

Our vans are perfect for a large group. Whether corporate excursion, private parties, airport transfers, weddings or any other occasion. Call us for the best rates at any time. At airports car hire gets a bit expensive. The obvious reason is that the agencies are paying to the airport and add those fees into your fare. Most of the agencies have large sized cars in their fleet to accommodate business travels so if you opt for a smaller car usually some agencies will give you a package with an upgraded car.