Amusement Park Accidents

The current warm wave is dragging most people to amusement parks for a day or two of fun and adventure. Amusement parks are becoming the favorite hobby for all age groups, but people are unaware of the dangers that can pop-up anytime. People don’t even try to think about it, it is always easier to ignore possible dangers unless you are in the middle of it!

Visitors should be aware about possible amusement park accidents. Many people think that such accidents are only in movies, but accidents in amusement parks are real and can happen anytime. There are unknown numbers of injuries from amusement park rides. The emergency rooms at the amusement parks reported about an average of 7000 people getting injured every year. In some cases people were reported dead too!

There are 4 main reasons why such injuries can happen at the amusement parks:

1. Mechanical failure â rides are machines and mechanical failures can always occur in machines. Such mechanical failures at the amusement parks are mostly caused by malfunctioning of safety feature, missing of structural parts, improper coaster cars detachment, and failure in stopping cars or due to the structural pieces.

2. Operator behavior â just like rides are machines, those operating these machines are people and people make mistakes too. Some operators make mistakes like abruptly stopping the rides, not using safety measures and the safety equipment and also improper maintenance of the rides.

3. Consumer behavior â people operating the machines are trained how to use the machines at the amusement parks, but they sometimes make mistakes while using them. Always follow safety rules and regulations by wearing safety seat belts, look for the required height and using other safety equipments provided. Such restrictions are to ensure your safety as well as of those around you.

4. Design defects â the rides at the amusement parks are designed in a manner to create a thrill. Sometimes the engineers designing such machines make them more thrilling and faster for that thrill factor of visitors, but they might not prove to be very safe. Since many people demand for faster and bigger hair raising rides that can make them scream; you may give a thrilling effect while you are on them but not 100% safety.

The total responsibility for checking the safety of the amusement park rides is of the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission. Their job is to ensure the safety and they inspect the rides themselves before they are allowed to be used by riders at the amusement parks. Before opening up the amusement park, the operators check the rides themselves and also test few runs of the rides without any passengers to ensure they are safe. The federal consumer product safety commission people take many steps to ensure the rides are safe before the passengers can use them, but still sometimes accidents occur. The rides may seem safe after all the tests but still they can be dangerous. Always wear seat belts and obey the rules and regulations. It is better to be safe then to be sorry â after all you are on your way to an amusement park for safe fun.