An Ex-Member of the NXIVM Sex Cult Reveals the Terrifying Ceremony That Took Place in Allison Mack’s House

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This was pretty big news and most people reading this might have heard of it. There’s a sex cult called the NXIVM. They were around for quite sometime but completely ignored because no one cares if they do their weird stuff to fellow cult members. However, it was revealed that the cult was actually imprisoning women as sex slaves. And, its not just that. The controversy also involved Smallville star Allison Mack who’s house was used as a venue for nasty ceremonies. Let’s explain everything there is to know about NXIVM and there activities.


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The group was a sex cult that lured in women by portraying themselves as a women-mentoring feminist group. Mack revealed this information by also adding that the group was just created to use women for sex.


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I don’t know why, but celebrities and cults is a combination that is more common than you would think. Mack and her costar Kristin Kreuk “applied” to the cult. Kreuk left, but Mack stayed. Mack’s influence and her power was an extreme asset to the cult and that is why the leader Raniere targeted her specifically.


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An alleged witness anonymously explained that she was taking NXIVM classes back in 2015. But, Mack confronted her to join their elite group of people. Jane Doe explained that the cult manipulated weak women that were struggling social and financially and exploited them in their weak moments. That’s how they recruited sex slaves.


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Jane Doe claimed that the group often led its women to a room where they’d be raped and assaulted against their will. Doe was met by the founder, blindfolded and tied to a table where she had sexual acts performed on her against her will.


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At this point, you’re probably wondering, why does anyone even stay with these people? Well, if they’re having people rape women, they’re probably not too willing to let people just walk away. Doe said that Mack used photos of the women to get them dedicated to the cause. The images were nudes and the women were threatened that if they walked away, those images would be put on the internet.


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Doe wasn’t the only one to escape. Another woman named Sarah Edmondson revealed that she was fully committed to the cause and that’s when she was approached by one of the masters, Lauren Salzman and asked to get a tattoo. But, the tattoos wasn’t exactly a tattoo. Sarah was taken to Mack’s house with four women. They would cut the women’s flesh from the hip area and burned it. Sarah knew she couldn’t even leave because they had decent enough material to destroy her life.



Raniere had a fetish for petite women. That’s why the women in the inner circles were nearly starved to death. They became so thin that they stopped menstruating. Raniere didn’t even let them shave hair off their body.


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One of the perks of having Mack was that Raniere could target women in higher places that were otherwise impossible to reach without having someone famous. We all know how active Emma Watson is about encouraging women and Mack tried to exploit her interest. She tweeted to Watson in 2016 that she was running a “unique human development and women’s movement”. Thankfully, Emma called the ruse and didn’t bother to respond.


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Currently, the case to decide her conviction is yet to be decided. She is currently out on bail and will face 15 years in prison in case of a conviction. A few other rogue NXIVM members have said that Mack was the primary recruiter for the cult. It’s extremely difficult for her to escape the law as the situation is right now.