An Introduction to The Lchf Diet (Low-Carb High-Fat)

The LCHF diet is a new diet that has quickly become very popular all over the world. The LCHF diet is originally Swedish. A Swedish doctor constructed the LCHF diet in order to help her overweight diabetic patients to lose weight.

The main idea in the LCHF diet is to eat very little carbs, but a lot of protein and fat. Because of this, the diet has several similarities to the Atkins diet, but the Atkins diet does not encourage you to eat as much fat as the LCHF diet.

The reason LCHF dieters are encouraged to eat more fat is that eating fat is supposed to make you feel full for a longer period of time. The diet is said to be beneficial for diabetics due to the fact that the LCHF diet gives you lower glucose levels, which on the other hand means that less insulin is released into the body.

The LCHF diet is supposed to be safe for everyone, including people with various diseases, but pregnant women and growing children are advised not to cut down too much on the carbs.

Many Swedish bloggers claim to have lost a lot of weight with the LCHF diet, and more and more people outside of Sweden are starting to try this diet as well. Experts say it is likely to be the next big fad, “the next Atkins diet”, so to speak.