And Why Should "skolkovo"?

Can a general organization of the “Skolkovo” affect the development of Russian economy in its current form?

Here are the cumulative opinion of independent experts from our commercial companies’ innovative economy created in countries with high levels of competition, where innovation is becoming a necessity for business, because without them, companies are simply doomed to defeat in the competition (for example – Japan). We also guarantee the success is, for example, the friendship with the governor or other senior person, rather than the introduction of any technology. Therefore, the current Russian economy and does not create market demand for innovation. Without this project, “Skolkovo” will not affect the development of the domestic economy. “

Why, then, so much noise and the international response around this project, why it’s so hard to push, allocate so much money? And who, in fact, you said that “Skolkovo” focused exclusively on the Russian domestic market? I personally think that this is nothing more than PR. I think that there is another, hidden idea (after all, Americans who fuss around the “Skolkovo” anything just do not do). And this idea – to deliver innovations that will be received in Skolkovo, the foreign market, like oil, gas, coal, etc. At the same time you plan to use cheap labor to our young scientists and, using the global crisis, work of Western scholars (Well, hardly young peck, but the average age …). This experience is in our country already has: the Soviet industrialization was achieved thanks to the crisis in America and Western Europe.

This is evidenced by how organized accepting applications for participation in the “Skolkovo”. At first glance, to become a member of the project “Skolkovo” is very simple: you must apply by filling out an electronic form, a month to wait for peer review of the application, in the case of positive evaluation – and let’s get the money – work.

But not so simple. Not for nothing academic about this alert, VN Parmon. First, you need to provide a lot of inquiries and reports. Second, and most interesting – mandatory “participation of foreign specialists, which has considerable credibility in the investment and (or) the research environment. The participation of such person and (or) its intention to participate in the project confirmed his written statement. “

You can take this item for a lack of confidence in the authorities that “our” imported without assistance are unable to do anything worthwhile. But I think differently. In fact, the execution of the project will follow the official foreign spy, and on the observance of intellectual property rights in favor of the Russian language does not go. It must be assumed that 300 companies have already committed to the project, these “representatives” are already available, and all “in authority”.

And in general. As stated by Director General of OAO “Russian Venture Company (” RMC – one of the organizers of the “Skolkovo”): “The scientific environment is lack of understanding of the project. A first goal, which he pursues, – this is not about science but about how to make a science and high technology, how to build the economy on people’s minds. ” That’s it. And not the other way. And thank you to someone I. Agamirzyanu – General Director of JSC MER – for a clear and precise explanation.

In our magazine there is a rule – in the end of the article to give some positive desire to readers. My wish is: “People, do not be fooled! Do not run into zamanuhu called “Skolkovo”! Engage in research beneficial to the economy of Russia, self-reliance and the participation of Russian-made! And let your lucky along the way! “.