Animal Crossing: Wild World Game Guide!

So your playing animal crossing hapily watering your flowers and you see a hole you dig it up and you get a megaoboid! The thoughts in your head are “what the hell is this?” well it is a pointless item that you can sell for 3.000 bells.

Golden tools:

Golden Shovel: Buy another Shovel and use your old one to make a hole and then bury your old shovel. Leave it there for 24 hours and there you go you have a golden shovel.

Golden fishing rod: This will take alot of playing catch all the fish in the game and then you will have a golden fishing rod but it takes alot of work.

Golden Watering can or tin can ( i can’t remember which one): Keep the town clean of weeds and wilted flowers for 2 weeks!

Golden Slingshot: I think you have to shoot down a alien from the sky and help him find all of his spaceship but i am not sure!

Magic Rock: Each day there is a rock where you can get bells out of it by hitting it with the shovel the most bells you can get out of it is 8.000 bells. You do this by digging a hole one step away from the rock and then hit it.

Lost and Found: If you go to the town gate and speak with the right hand side dog, you will find that he has a lost and found section where you can get free items.

I know this was short but i last played this game in 2008 so i can not remember everything. Correct me if i have got any thing wrong i will be updateing the guide soon!