Antivirus Protection 4

There are many ways for you to protect your computer from viruses, malware, spyware and Trojans. Though avoiding going to untrusted sites and downloading things off the internet are a step to protect your computer, the best way is for you to get an antivirus protection program. These software don’t cost as much as people think, and you will see in the future that the cost is nothing compared to the work it will do.

Antivirus protection softwares can be bought in computer stores, but they are more commonly purchased online. This is so that the users can take a look that the features that the software offers, and at the same time, download a free trial. The free trial usually lasts about 10 days, and it serves as a test run, so that users will know what to expect when they get the full version of the software. All computers, whether you use the internet on it or not, need antivirus protection. This is to eliminate viruses caused by surfing the web and downloading. Even if the internet is the main avenue for virus creators and hackers alike, it is not the only place wherein your computer can catch a virus. Viruses can also be caught from USB storage devices, memory cards, and external hard drives that were used in other computers prior to yours.

What are some of the different types of antivirus protection programs?

Startup Scanners

Startup scanners are the type of anti protection programs that are made to run every time the computer starts up, or is booted up. It does a quick scan of all the disks in the computer and checks them for files that are critical and need to be contained in the vault. The reason why this scanner was designed was to be able to catch viruses.

Conventional/Normal Disk Scanners These scanners are usually run manually at any time that the user feels is appropriate. These scanners serve as preventive measures in any case that viruses are suspected in a computer.

Automatic Scanners

Automatic scanners are almost like manual scanners, except that their scans are scheduled at a certain time of day that the user feels is appropriate. The user can set a time that the automatic scanner scans all the files and disks in the computer. For example, the user wants the scanner to do its job at 3pm everyday. As long as the computer is on, the automatic scanner will be able to check out the whole computer. It is best that you pick a time that your computer is on, so that the scanning is done routinely.

There are actually a lot of other types of antivirus protection programs, but these are the most popular, and most widely used all over the globe. Antivirus protection is really important because not only will it save your files from being contaminated by viruses, but it will also save you from spending too much money just to reformat your computer – or worse, have it replaced.

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