Apple- Pears Castle

This interesting recipe is suitable for different kinds of parties. I tried it for the first time at a birthday`s party of the son of one of my friends. Children were very happy with it. The time for preparation is about 50 minutes. It serves 6-8 people. For preparing it you need the following ingredients:

1 kg apples

1 kg pears

2 packages of butter (each of 125 gr)

1 cup of sugar (about 200 gr)

2 packages cookies (about 300 gr each)

1 cup (200 gr) of cut walnuts (or almonds)

halves of walnuts


sugar powder

Method of preparation:

Peel the apples and the pears and after that grate them.  Mix the butter with the sugar. Meanwhile cut the walnuts (or almonds) into small pieces.  Add the apples and the pears to this mixture(butter,sugar and nuts) and stir well. Then cut the cookies into very small pieces. Add the mixture by constant stirring. Work up a soft dough with this mixture. Now it is time for preparing your dessert in a shape of a castle.You can shape it onto a flat dinner plate or tray. Your castle should have towers, fences, windows and everything that is typical for a castle. What can you use for your windows?! Halves of walnuts or bars of chocolate. You can use the walnuts halves for the fences,too. The walls could be sprinkled with grated chocolate. The roofs and the towers could be sprinkled with sugar powder.  Leave the castle into the fridge and serve it cool. You can decorate around the castle before serving it by using some fruits-apples,bananas,pears and make some grass with flowers.  Enjoy it!