Are Parents Today Too Paranoid About the Safety and Health of Their Babies?

Paranoia has evolved into a common “emotion” that plagues the minds and hearts of parents who worry about keeping their babies safe. The way news and information is processed – in both the lightning speed that information is distributed today, as well as the language and tones used to describe today’s society – will make any parent develop a sense of “protect them or else you’ll lose them.”

No, every parent is not technically “paranoid,” but all parents are concerned about keeping their children safe, in extremely heightened degrees of protectiveness. The impression of the “outside” world is very grim, to say the least. Crime, disease, immorality, distrust and instability does not conjure up the best environment for parental security.

The comfort and security of our babies rest upon how comfortable the parents are and feel about the world around them. They are the ones that fabricate a setting for nurturance and development for their children, much like a mother bird searches for the ideal branch to build a nest. Instinctually – and certainly intellectually and emotionally – parents can tell when something isn’t right for their child. The factors that are causing the tinges of paranoia in the hearts of the parents have to be isolated, addressed and destroyed.

You see, it is essential to the development of the babies that they grow in a fertile and serene environment, an environment rich in all of the characteristics that build a wholesome human being. When parents – in checking in on the news of the day – are constantly filled with this crime story and that abuse case, and the other fraudulent affair – what is left say? Can I raise my baby? How can I bring the sunshine back when outside is so cold?

Certainly one person and one family at a time, we can change our society into a higher moral standard, but this is not happening today, while the babies are still babies. This is what the parents may face as their hopes become slowly replaced with an infringing paranoia. If we grew up in the “good old days” when the streets were safe and neighborhoods raised its youth, then why…read more