Are You Hiring The Wrong Freelance Professional?


Not all freelance professionals are created equal. If your Internet business is not making the grade, maybe you are hiring the wrong kind of freelance provider. 

Is professionalism part of the purchase price?

When interviewing a freelance professional; and yes, you should interview all professionals before hiring even if the interview is conducted via email, does the provider respond quickly? Is there an online portfolio other than a personal or business blog or website? Does the provider understand your instructions for the project and ask intelligent questions before stating they can finish the project? All of these things are considered part of professionalism. If your freelance writer doesn’t have these qualities – choose again. 

Is the price too high for a novice?

Just because Jill (with 10 years experience) can charge $30 per article does not mean John (a newbie) can charge the same rate? Too many freelancers claim they are experts in one field or another, but have no idea how to write for the Internet. If your writer is charging top dollar, you should be getting top content and some extras along the way. 

Is the freelancer looking for a one-off order or a long relationship?

The best type of freelance writer is the kind that takes your project to heart. If you are looking to hire a one-off, you can expect to receive generic content that means nothing to the reader. There are professionals out there who want you to succeed and that shows through in every article they write. 

Does the freelancer openly reveal websites they’ve ghostwritten for in the past?

Many websites ask a freelancer to work under the agreement that all articles are delivered as property of the website. Some also require freelancers sign a Non-Disclosure contract. If you interview a potential writer or freelance professional for your position and they quickly reveal the websites they’ve worked with in a ghoswriting position, you may want to rethink hiring that professional. If they are willing to blatantly reveal other websites they’ve worked with will they also reveal yours as quickly to another potential client?

Before choosing that freelancer writer, take some time to look into who you are really hiring. With a little attention, you could hire the last freelancer you’ll ever need on the first try.