Are You Struggling With Your Weight?


Recent studies suggest overweight folks eat an average of three meals and one snacks per day, but they consume more than 2,000 calories and are less active. Normal weight people (that were suggested to this study) ate more snacks per day, ate lesser calories, were more active and managed to lose weight.

With this said, let’s assume that your activities will determine whether you lose or gain weight. For those who want to lose weight, being active will help you to get there.

For those folks struggling with their weights I have some ideas for you to be a little bit more active. I highly suggest you to walk or to run early in the morning. Why? Running in the morning will boost your energy for the day. It will make you hungry enough to eat a good breakfast which will give you even more power (energy).

Many of you may not have enough time to go running in the morning. If you don’t have time to run in the morning and you live near to your work site, avoid taking the bus that passes nearby and walk. If you take the train get-off one or two stops before and walk. This will help you to be more active.

Do you take a break before your lunch-time? If you take a break go out and stretch for couple minutes. If possible take a walk around the block and relax your mind. Remember the more active the more calories you will burn.

After you eat your lunch, go for a little walk. If you are able to walk without feeling any indigestion or feeling heavy you are eating properly. If you feel tired or heavy you better watch out the amount of food you are eating.

Every two or three hours get up and drink some water. Drinking water has a lot of benefits like for example:

  • Lose weights (it flushes down the by-products of fat breakdown, reduces hunger, don’t have calories and more).

  • It helps you to relieve fatigue (our body uses the water to wash way all the toxins and the waste products form the body).

  • It’s a natural remedy for headaches (helps you to relieve headache caused by dehydration).

  • Water will give you power (the water regulates the temperature of your body making you feel more energetic).

  • Another reason is that water revitalizes you (it gives you instant energy).

I try to avoid all public and private transportation as possible. I love to walk to my destination.

Take some time to go to the gym. At the gym you will find all the equipment you need to lose weight and to keep you in shape.

Whether you go shopping or you just want to visit your friends, forget about the keys to the car. Go to the stores and just walk around with your friends. If you are not an active person, you going to need to put a lot of effort to get yourself just a little active.

Take your dog out for a walk and go to the park. Once you at the park you can walk around or jog for a little bit. Your dog can be a great company for jogging if you train him properly.

Do some kind of outdoor activity. Go outside with your friends and play your favorite sport. It’s good to play some kind of sports. All sports have their benefits, but they will mostly keep you very active.

Go biking to your work. This is a great way to really keep you in a good shape. Biking is one of my favorite ways to be active. Biking has given me very good results and so I recommend it as one of the most effective one activities.

I try not to spend my weekends at home. This has been very helpful for me. I visit my brother and I help him to do some work at his house. The less time I spend home the more active I become (so, don’t spend your weekends in your house). If you own your house then, try to find something to do in the yard or in the garage, but don’t sit around like there is nothing to do.

I live on a second floor and my mom goes up and down the stairs one time and another. It’s good to see her getting the ability to move easily without difficulties. So, use the stairs to move up and down and forget about the elevator.

The main idea of this hub is to encourage you to walk and to run as much as you can. I believe your daily routine can define your weight. Many obese people I know are usually not very active people. Get involved in more activities and you’ll get better results in your weight lose.