Article Writers Can Make Money With Affiliate Programs

Article writers have the ability to make money with their articles through joining affiliate programs. What I have seen other writers do which I copied is to write articles around the affiliate products I promote and give links to the products at the signature area (or author information area) of the article.

You have to be careful here. While I said I write articles around the affiliate products, I do not mean advertising the affiliate product as that will violate the terms of most articles directories. 

For instance, I wrote this article, Diet Pills For an Obesity Treatment, and published it in in 2007. In the beginning of the article, I talked about obesity and at the middle I wrote about using diet pills to defeat obesity. Finally, I mentioned a weight loss brand that can be used to fight obesity.

I have only given information that can assist anyone looking for a product to fight obesity to get to one. However, I am an affiliate promoting the product Proactol. After the reader has read my article, he can click on the links in the article to see what I have to offer or he can click on the ads that will be served on the article wherever it is published. 

Meanwhile, this article has been doing well for me. I have made one or two sales from some blogs where it was republished and at one time it ranked in number one position in the Google SERPS for “obesity pills” though it has gone down due to no further promotion on my part.

Therefore, join affiliate programs and leverage on your article writing skills to make more money online.