The Top Destinations To Travel Abroad For First-Timers


Nowadays, Iceland is one of the top places to choose to make your first trip abroad. Its landscape is diverse, from glacial lagoons and waterfalls to hot springs and volcanoes.

Visiting between September and March may reward you with the view of the Northern Lights! Up next, one of Asia's most beautiful and historical countries.


One of the first places you should visit in Asia to get used to the cultural differences is Japan. The language barrier may be a problem at first as English is not widely spoken, but in tourist areas like Kyoto and Tokyo it is spoken and all signs are both in English and Japanese.

You should visit the Japanese gardens, temples, shrines and learn about their customs! You'll never guess how beautifully diverse the next country is!

New Zealand

Another English-speaking country to travel as a first trip abroad is New Zealand. It is a safe and friendly country, full of stunning landscapes like forests and glaciers. If you are an adventure-driven person, you could try bungee jumping or skydiving.

New Zealand is also home to the set of The Lord of the Rings saga, so are you ready for your LOTR tour?

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the most picturesque countries in Europe, with its flower fields in almost every city. If you are making a trip to Amsterdam, it is recommended to walk or bike through the city to see all of its beauty.

The beautiful houses and the canals that cross the city seem straight out of a fairy tale, though you may also visit world-class museums. Culture and beach fans, the next one is for you!


Barcelona is definitely one of the most famous cities in all of Spain. It is filled with culture, and there are architectural gems such as the Sagrada Familia.

Fortunately for those traveling for the first time, Barcelona is tourist-friendly, and all languages are spoken here. Also, don't forget to sunbathe on Barcelona's beaches!


Cusco is one of the most tourist-friendly cities in Peru and is filled with natural wonders. Its history traces back to the 10th century, and the Inca Empire was seated there between the 13th to the 16th centuries.

The town is filled with artisans, and several regional dishes are offered on every corner. One of the places you should not forget to visit is the Sacred Valley of the Incas.


If you want to travel to a place with several places to visit, Morocco should be your choice. This intense, colorful, diverse, and hospitable country in Africa is chosen by a lot of visitors per year.

You could visit the cosmopolitan Casablanca among other places. People were surprised to find out how affordable the next destination is!

Southeast Asia

The first big trip of a lot of youngsters is Southeast Asia: countries like Thailand and Vietnam are perfect places to spend a whole month on a small budget.

The variety of food in the street can be afforded with just $1 or you can rent a motorbike for $10 per day in Sa Pa. Southeast Asia is a very safe option for a first trip abroad with friends. Up next, another one for those beach fans!

Melbourne, Australia

Despite it being far away, Melbourne is a very friendly city, easy to navigate, full of beaches that college kids will love.

Melbourne could not be complete without its share of artists, comedians, musicians, and creative restaurateurs that make the city unique in its aspect and collaborate to its appeal. A classy classic is coming up next.


Italy is a big country, full of history and places to visit. If you choose Italy for your first trip abroad, you should visit Rome, Florence, Venice, and Naples. If you have time, you may also visit the Amalfitana Coast.

Italy is a man-made and natural country, its citizens hospitable and its food, delicious (pasta, risotto, ice-cream!). No doubt you'll be back in no time!

The U.K.

The U.K is in the Top #5 for the obvious reason that you have several different locations to visit: old towns like Edinburgh, the vast countryside, and logically, London, with its collection of museums, markets, and attractions like the London Eye.

Don't forget that the rest of Europe is just a flight away, too. The next one is one of our personal favorites.


If you choose France to be your first trip, you will experience it as a movie. You will walk around Paris, look at the Arc of Triumph, the Eiffel Tower, or visits museums like the Louvre.

Also, visit the ever-beautiful and opulent Palace of Versailles, to the west of Paris. Make sure you don't miss the palace's gardens!


Ecuador is one of the best places in South America to visit: it is cheap to travel to, it is full of young people on their first trip, it is full of beautiful architecture and is different from other places you may visit.

If you like adventure, you should fly to Quito and start exploring! A lot of people didn't know that adventure was so close to home, find out next what the Caribbean has to offer!

Costa Rica

If you are up to more adventures and outdoor activities, you may also visit Costa Rica. You may surf, you may practice zip-lining, or you may make a trip through the forest.

Flights to Costa Rica are affordable as it is near the U.S.


Canada may be described as a European country inserted into our continent. Montreal is a bilingual (francophone and anglophone) city, with several cafés, Gothic architecture, and a lot of dishes to try.

Maybe you would like to visit Vancouver, with its towering skyscrapers and the best Asian dishes in the region!