Places You Need To Visit If You Love Water

Alberta, Canada

Canada is a great place to visit; no one can deny it. Aside from being one of the only countries where half of the population has undergraduate degrees, Canadians are extremely nice and welcoming. And above all, they undoubtedly have the best maple syrup you will find.

If you’re the type of person that loves nature and beauty, then Moraine Lake is the place to go. Check out the unbelievable views this place provides. The lush green forest, the deep turquoise of the lake, and the snowy tops of the mountains will surely blow your mind, so be sure to take your camera.

Puerto Río Tranquilo, Chile

Chile has become a popular destination in recent years. The country has numerous different landscapes, plenty of gastronomic experiences, and a fascinating history that is worth reading up on. If you ever have a chance to visit, then don’t miss the following experience.

The marble caves are a curious natural phenomenon everyone should enjoy. Over the years, wave action has given shape to these marble caves, and the best thing is, the place is open to visitors! You can find this fascinating geological formation in Lake Carrera General.

Lofoten, Norway

Norway has a pretty good rep when it comes to winter sports. Its become a widely spread fact that athletes representing Norway make the Winter Olympics seem like a walk in the park. Take note of the watery wonders you can see in the cold country.

If you’re looking for an original destination, then the Lofoten archipelago will not disappoint. Grab a book, a warm blanket and let hours pass by in the comfort of one of the cozy rooms you can book. If you dare venture outside in the cold weather, look up and marvel at the snowy mountains that will surely charm you.

Caribbean Sea

The Caribbean Sea is home to abundant coral reefs, as well as fauna of all kinds. From colorful fishes to sharks, this place holds plenty of marvels. If you’re looking for a paradise-like beach, you should definitely head to one of the Caribbean islands for a vacation you won’t forget.

If you’re into observing wildlife, then hang on. Staying at a beach is a great way to make the most of the pleasures the ocean can bring. A dip in the sea, snorkeling, and lying on the beach are only a few of the things you can do. Plenty of tour companies offer the thrilling experience of shark watching from the safety of a cage.

Ise Mie, Japan

Japan has become one of the most advanced technology developers in the world. While Tokyo and other cosmopolitan centers are overcrowded and full of life and activities, other parts of Japan remain a mystery, waiting to be discovered.

The two rocks joined by a rope located in Ise Mie have great meaning. It symbolizes the union of important gods in the Shinto myth. This rope is replaced three times a year in a fascinating ceremony. Be sure to visit during winter, taking the time to feel the cold breeze and the wonderful views of the sunrise.

Trieste, Italy

Italy is the place to go if you’re into pasta, history, architecture, or pretty much anything. The country has so much to offer that everyone can have fun here. The only problem with it being such a fantastic destination is the fact that hoards of tourists flood the main cities in high season. If you wish to avoid the crowds, read on.

The Grand Canal in Trieste is a favorite spot for tourists. In the early hours of the day, when the city is still, the water reflects almost perfectly the city above. Ask around for a pleasant boat ride, especially if you’re accompanied by your loved one. You won’t regret it!

Baral River, Bangladesh

Bangladesh is located in South Asia, and its landscape offers abundant watercourses to admire. Pay special attention to when you go, since Bangladesh has a notorious rainy season that will prevent any tourist from properly enjoying and sightseeing.

During the cold winter season, the Baral River in Bangladesh resembles a Van Gogh painting. The colors of the moss dance around with plants and the water, making the view pretty surreal. Don’t miss out on the views you’ll get to experience from a boat ride. If you enjoyed this spot, don’t miss the next slide.

Lake Yogo, Japan

Japanese culture has begun to make its mark in western entertainment through _anime._ As a consequence, many of us are now familiar with traditional foods such as ramen, their extraordinary abilities to eat almost everything with chopsticks, and the diverse sceneries this fascinating country can offer.

The mesmerizing place you can observe in the photo has been described by many as mirror-like. If you lean over this particular lake, you’ll see your reflection perfectly. So if you ever visit Japan, Lake Yogo must be on your list! To check out another wonder, you can find in Japan, don’t miss the next slide.

Wakayama, Japan

Japan truly holds some fascinating views involving cascades, rivers, and other forms of water. However, while this may attract many tourists, the fact that Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world may put off anyone wishing to travel there.

The good news is, if you leave the capital and big city centers, you’ll find that a more accessible budget will do. In Wakayama, the highest waterfall in Japan can be found. Near the site lies Nachi Taisha, a beautiful place of worship. In fact, this place was even declared a World Heritage site.

The Ocean

The ocean is full of unlimited mysteries and wonders as well as pleasures. Plenty of people enjoy the relaxing sounds of the waves rolling onto the shore, making the beach an ideal destination for anyone looking to forget the stressful pace of work.

It is important, however, to begin spreading the word about Ocean contamination. The sea is wonderful, but in some places, the side effects of pollution are beginning to show. Wildlife, vegetation and whole ecosystems are in danger, but we can still do something about it!


Yet another fabulous place on this list that is located in Japan. In Niigata, you will find the largest port in the country. The city is host to a festival in August. Be sure to visit during that time to watch a firework show to remember. Enjoy the colorful lit skies as well as the music with someone special.

Have you ever seen something this surreal? At dawn, fog gathers in such a way that it looks as if the water was dripping through the mountains. Many visitors claim these waterfalls of fog are a view to remember.

Bangkok, Thailand

In late years, Thailand has become a top destination for young adults who yearn the excitement and unique experiences this country has to offer. A must visit is the capital of the country, Bangkok. Around 200 years ago, this place was actually home to trade and exchange at a local level.

This tradition in trade is still quite alive. To catch a glimpse of this activity in full swing, check out the floating markets that dazzle visitors. Stop one of these floating shops to buy a delicious coconut ice cream contained in plastic containers.

Tadami River, Japan

The Tadami River in Japan could easily be home to ice princesses like Elsa and fairytale creatures. The place is truly surreal, and there is no way that anyone lucky enough to visit will be disappointed with the view. During winter, the River reflects beautifully the mountains that surround the area.

Be sure to visit Ohshi village as well. This place is pretty unique since it coexists with nature. Its inhabitants have repeatedly chosen a life in harmony with nature rather than introducing advances in technology or urban development.

Wanaka, New Zealand

While you may only see a tree, this serene landscape has been the source of fascination for many photographers, artists, and visitors. The scene is almost fairytale-like, but the magic doesn’t stop there. Wanaka town is especially attractive to outdoor lovers.

There are plenty of activities to enjoy here. Be sure to explore the endless roads and places available to hike and bike. Skydiving is also big with adrenaline junkies, but for those who enjoy a more laid back experience, kayaking and fishing are also allowed.

Tonga, Oceania

For those of you who don’t know, Tonga is an island country. It’s made up of more than 160 archipelagos. Surrounding these lovely pieces of land, coral reefs are flush and can be found in every color, size, and shape. This truly is any scuba diver’s dream.

If you’re interested in experiencing the vast and calm expanse of the ocean, pay a visit to the Shallow Caves. This place is a great destination because it is home to thousands of species of fish. As you dive in, observe as the hoards of fish move in unison and create mesmerizing effects in the water.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Marina Bay Sands is a resort unlike what you’ve ever seen before. The luxury hotel found in Singapore has the largest infinity pool in the whole world. Even if you aren’t staying here, I encourage you to take a look at the fascinating architecture.

Inside the complex, you will find great restaurants, a shopping mall, and just wait to spot the sailing sampans passing by. Be sure to take your camera, and enjoy a photoshoot in every corner of this complex place!

Canastota, New York

When you think about New York, skyscrapers, Broadway and Avant-guard museums probably come to mind. However, there are still magical places in the middle of the city and even on the outskirts that are safe havens for those who enjoy nature.

Central Park is the most well-known green escape in Manhattan. However, we invite you to visit Canastota. In this village, you can visit the lake in the photograph. Few people visit this wonderful isolated place, so take advantage and enjoy feeding the goose.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Incredible flavors, unparalleled musical beats and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world: all of this awaits tourists that choose Brazil as a destination. Rio de Janeiro is a top-notch choice if you’re looking for paradise-like sandy beaches.

The man in the photograph looks like he’s enjoying himself in the crystal-like water. The waves in this Copacabana beach are an ideal size for surfers or anyone really who enjoys riding waves. So, what are you waiting for?

Lake Gorgova, Romania

Even looking a the photo brings me shivers. During Winter, Lake Gorgova freezes in such a way that allows for fishermen like the one seen in the photograph to walk over it. Would you stand the cold?

However, in spite of the cold weather, fishermen still need to work. They make holes in the ground and use their nets to catch the fish they can. In order to do so, these need to go 200 meters below the ice. Doesn’t it sound dangerous? Let’s hope that the thick layer of ice doesn’t cave in!

Rajasthan, India

Unlike all the places mentioned in this list, you won’t find lakes and waterfalls with excessive water in Rajasthan. On the contrary, water is a luxury in this place in India. The landscape is basically all desert.

Women walk hours under the harsh sun with vases on top of their heads. They recollect the water and bring it back to where they live in order to cook and use it in other ways. The vases actually keep the water temperature fresh! Looking at them do this is truly impressive.