Mysterious Islands That Have A Bizarre Past

Isla Bermeja, The Lost Island

Although Isla Bermeja appeared in maps from the 1700s and was shown to be off the Yucatan Peninsula's coast, the island hasn't yet been found!

Researchers looked for the island with underwater sensing devices and even used aerial reconnaissance, but the Island was nowhere to be seen. What happened to Isla Bermeja? The head of Mexico's congressional Maritime Committee, Elias Cardenas has a theory...

Conspiracy or Global Warming?

Mexican conspiracy theorists believe that the US bombed the Island so that Mexico wouldn't extend their oil claims to the middle of the Gulf.

However, Cardenas said that bombing an island would have been noticeable. Global warming might have had the 80 square kilometers Island covered with water...

Vozrozhdeniya Island

At the beginning of the 1920s, the Soviet empire was looking for a special place. It had to be isolated, to be surrounded by desert and inside the territory.

They had to choose between two islands in the Aral Sea, so they chose Vozrozhdeniya. It was there where they created a secret laboratory for biological weapons...

Creating Pathogens That Resisted Medical Treatment

For 18 years, Gennadi Lepyoshkin, physician, microbiologist, and Soviet Army colonel worked on the island. Diseases like the plague, anthrax, smallpox, brucellosis, tularemia, botulinum, and more were genetically enhanced to resist medical treatment and tested on monkeys.

The good news is that among all pathogens, only anthrax survived (it survives for centuries). The high temperatures on the island killed the rest.

Magic Island

This one might not be on Earth, and we will surely never be able to visit. It is an island on Saturn's moon, Titan.

NASA's Cassini probe took some photos of Titan's seas and spotted a "magic island", which was around 20 kilometers (12 miles) by 10 kilometers (6 miles).

Waves, Winds or Solids

Scientists haven't yet agreed on what could have created the Magic Island. They theorize that it could actually be just winds that made gases rise from the seafloor and it appeared as an island from above.

However, there's also a possibility that solids are suspended in the sea and float on its surface because of the warmer temperatures. Now let's go back to Earth and see the Floating Eye.

Floating Eye Island

You can find this strange island in the Parana Delta in Argentina, right between Campana and Zarate. The shape is nicknamed The Floating Eye because it is nearly a perfect circle.

The island is surrounded by a channel that makes it look like a crescent moon. But the weird thing about it is that this island rotates on its axis!

A Science Fiction Location

Film director Sergio Neuspiller discovered this island in 2016 when he was looking for a location for a science fiction movie.

After the discovery, the director teamed up with a hydraulic and civil engineer from New York, Richard Petroni, to make a documentary about this island.

Bannerman Island

You can only get to this island by boat on the Hudson River. After a half-hour journey from New York City, you see the island that has a castle on it, built by Frank Bannerman VI.

He bought the island and built a small castle and an arsenal in 1900 to place all the black powder and military equipment he bought in auctions after the US Civil War ended.

The Island Reopened in 2017

Bannerman died in 1918 and construction stopped. The island was abandoned in 1950, and New York state bought it in 1967. After a fire in 1969, New York state closed the island only to re-open it in 2017.

Now tourists are guided to the mysterious island and can get to see the castle up close! Check out the next island that was formed in 2013.

Earthquake Island

In September 2013, Pakistan suffered a magnitude 7.7 earthquake that leveled many homes and made 39 victims. Along with this earthquake, a new island was created.

Before the earthquake, there was no island, but locals saw a tiny island, which was 100 meters (330 ft) in length and 9 meters (30 ft) high...

Close to the Port of Gwadar

The island was close to the port of Gwadar and drew many curious people. According to the Pakistani officials, the earthquake might have buckled land under the sea and create this small island.

They call this small island Zalzala Koh, which means Earthquake Mountain. Unfortunately, by the end of 2016, the isnald disappeared under the sea.

Easter Island

Easter Island is still a mystery researchers want to reveal. The history of the people that lived there, called the Rapa Nui, is quite strange.

According to researchers from the University of California at Santa Cruz, the Rapa Nui did not interbreed with South Americans before Europeans came on the island in 1772...

The Heavy Statues Were Moved By the Rapa Nui

These huge statues were carved and moved by the Rapa Nui, and they were only a few thousands before raiders came to kidnap almost the entire population and sell them as slaves.

They slowly died as only 100 were left and died of diseases. Until recently, their origin, statues, and islands were still a secret!

Socotra Island

Looking at these weird flora, you'd say it's something from a different planet. Socotra Island can be found off the coast of Yemen, and its flora is endangered and unique because of its arid temperatures.

A third of the plants that grow there cannot be found in other places on Earth, and its signature trees are truly one of a kind!

It's a National Park

More than half of the island is a national park, inhabiting an array of strange trees, such as the Dragon's Blood Tree and the Bottle Tree. Socotra is surrounded by beautiful turquoise water, its only mammal native to Socotra being the bats that live in the huge limestone caves.

Socotra is a World Heritage Site since 2008, and some people believe that the Garden of Eden was located on the island. One more strange thing is that some of the female lineages on the island have a unique DNA haplogroup from the rest of the people on Earth!

Diego Garcia

In the Indian Ocean, there’s a 44-square-kilometer (17 mi2) island that is shaped like a U. It is the house of a tropical jungle and white sand beaches.

Until 1968, 2,000 native Chagossians lived there, until they were relocated by force by the British government so that they could build a naval base.

A Strategic Point Facing Asia and the Middle East

The Island supported operations in the 1991 Gulf War, the 2001 Afghanistan war, and in the 2003 Iraq war. Its position allows them to strike in Asia and the Middle East.

Some people also say that Diego Garcia has a secret US prison camp, but American authorities have denied these claims.

Partridge Island

Off the coast of Saint John Harbour, New Brunswick, you can see Partridge Island, a place where immigrants had to go in 1830 before entering Canada.

They had to stay in quarantine so that they don't spread diseases like included cholera, typhus, smallpox, scarlet fever, yellow fever, and measles.

2,500 Irish Immigrants Arrived in 1847 on Partridge Island

During the Great Famine, Partridge Island was filled with Irish immigrants that had to take kerosene showers and hot showers to not spread diseases. Many of them were sick, and those who died were buried in a mass grave.

In time, grass grew over that lace, and it was greener than the one surrounding the grave. Partridge Island is still a mystery, as it was closed in 1941, and now people only take photos of it from afar.