Everyone Thinks These Are The Weirdest Cities In America


Every September, a spectacular event called Lantern Parade takes place in Atlanta. This event has become one of Atlanta’s newest and most popular traditions, and it is part of the Art on the BeltLine exhibit. It was created by an architect that goes by the name “Chantelle Rytter and the Krewe of the Grateful Gluttons”.

But apart from this unusual festivity, Atlanta is a beautiful city worth exploring and the local people are well known for their hospitality as well as their tasty dinners and brunches. Don’t forget to visit the West Egg Café, where they serve breakfast the 24 hours of the day! Also, you have to try the local restaurants’ different varieties of chicken and waffle. So, to sum up… a unique festival, really good food, and nice people make Atlanta one of the best options to visit.


If you are a bowling super fan, you need to visit Louisville in Kentucky, where the annual _Lebowski Fest_ was born. The idea was created after the release of the Coen brothers cult-favorite film _The Big Lebowski_, and believe it or not, every year this fest attracts thousands of people from every part of the world.

You will enjoy music by Paul & The Tall Trees, unlimited bowling, weird contests, and many surprises during the most famous event for bowling players. There are many interesting options for foodies, like the _Vernon Lanes_, where you can try more than 300 types of bourbon as well as some of the signature dishes of the city.


Philadelphia is one of the most visited cities in America and not only for its rich history (let’s not forget that this city is related to the founding fathers of the Nation and the Liberty Bell). There are many options for visitors and locals alike, such as _The Mutter Museum._ This museum is definitely a must-visit, where you can see the most extensive collection of the city’s world-famous physicians.

If you re interested in history, you can visit the _Eastern State Penitentiary_ where Al Capone once lived. Philly is also known for its local food, not for nothing the city won a gold medal for its pizza. There many other food options, like the classic _Felix Huppert_ (gruyère cheese and caramelized onions) and the _Buffy Ernst_ (whit Buffalo wing sauce).

Los Angeles

If you’re looking for a big metropolitan city full of blinding lights, Los Angeles is the perfect option. If you like fashion and runways, there are exhibitions in the neighborhoods of Venice and Beverly Hills. Also, the nightlife is unique, and there are literally hundreds of signature bars and nightclubs.

The variety of food is one of LA’s strengths too, and you’ll find some interesting options like baklava croissants and rabbit terrines. Don’t miss the 70s-themed bar _Good Times_ at Davey Wayne’s, or the artisanal-cocktail-rich _The Edison_. Last but not least, don’t forget to visit the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, one of the most famous ones around the world!


This Tennessee city is the country music capital of America, but it is also the home of the only _American Parthenon_. Built-in 1827, Nashville features a replica of the Greek Parthenon, and inside, you can take a look at an exhibition of American paintings.

This town features several other interesting cultural activities, like The Dukes Of Hazzard and the Goerge Jones museums. If you want to see something new, try Santa’s Pub, the only dive bar in Nashville.


If you are interested in nature and love being around plants and animals, then Houston is a perfect destination for you. Also, it’s perfect for families! The _Houston Zoo_ offers many activities and many exhibitions which you can visit, like _The African Forest, the Bird Habits, the Carruth Natural Encounters, and the Giraffe Feeding Platform._

You can also take a souvenir from the zoo that you’ll never forget: a unique and beautiful painting made by an elephant, a jaguar or a withe-faced saki. If you’re more of a city-lover, then take a walk through Westheimer Road, and don’t miss the famous sandal shop Tejas Custom Boots.


Portland, Maine, is a beautiful, fairy-tale city, which receives thousands of tourists from around the world year after year. It offers a rich variety of restaurants, like the _Holy Donut, _where you can try the lobster-stuffed or the potato-stuffed donuts.

The city offers plenty of interesting cultural activities, like the _International Cryptozoology Museum,_ located downtown, where you can see the incredible Bigfoot, the snowmen, and the thylacine at the same place! The museum also features an example of a carnivorous marsupial, so it’s a must-visit for science lovers! Continue reading to find out which other extravagant American cities you should visit!


Pittsburgh is a perfect destination for holidays because there are dozens of outdoor activities you can choose from, like taking a bike, trolley, boat or bus tour. There are more than 90 neighborhoods to explore! Also, if you are a sports fan, you should go to a game of the _Steelers, Penguins_ or _Pirates_!

Pittsburgh is a perfect destination for holidays because there are dozens of outdoor activities you can choose from, like taking a bike, trolley, boat or bus tour. There are more than 90 neighborhoods to explore! Also, if you are a sports fan, you should go to a game of the _Steelers, Penguins_ or _Pirates_!

St. Paul And Minneapolis

The _Twin Cities_ of St. Paul and Minneapolis are considered two of the top destinations for young people in all America, as well as one of the best cities in the country to live in. Surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, the city offers a lot of outdoor activities and places to visit, like the _Minneapolis Institute Of Art_ and the _State Capitol_.

If you like burgers, you should bear in mind that _Juicy Lucies_ offers a wide variety and it is ranked as one of the best burger restaurants in America. You should also give _Tiny Diner_ a try, where you shouldn’t miss the _“Functional Fungi”_ burger. Last but not least, visit _Bryant Lake Bowls, _where you can play some bowling while at the same time enjoying some storytelling, dancing, and poetry shows.


Located on the Gulf Coast, Tampa is definitely a city that offers a lot of fun activities that you can enjoy with your friends or family. First, the city is full of botanical gardens, flea markets, restaurants and attractions like the _Busch Gardens Tampa, Lowry Park Zoo_ and the historic _Ybor City_ neighborhood.

During the _Gasparilla season_, some parades and festivals celebrate the centuries-old pirate history. Surrounded by music, really good food, and nice people, this is one of America’s finest seasons, and it takes place from January to March, so this is the time you wanna visit!

New York City

NYC is probably one of the most visited cities in America and in the whole world. The transportation system works all day, so you can tour the city whenever you want. After all, people call it “_The city that never sleeps_” for a reason!

Most people head towards Times Square on their first night, but you should know that there are dozens of more unique places to visit. For example, visit the _Coney Island Circus Sideshow_ where you can see contortionists and fire-eaters. There are even more extravagant places like the _Earth Room_, a gallery in SoHo, and the _Elevator Historical Society Museum_ in Queens.


Seattle is well-known for the number of dogs that live and join the tourists in every street corner. Dog lovers here’s a tip you must know: _Norm’s Eatery & Ale House_ allows you to share a table with a dog! But Seattle is also a great spot for foodies, and if you’re into the pastry, then you must try something out at _Scraps Dog Bakery._

This city features many interesting landmarks, like _Space Needle,_ which was built in 1962 for the World’s Fair, and the _Seattle Center Monorail_, where you can go on a city tour between skyscrapers. If you are interested in art, visit the _Museum Of Pop Culture._

Kansas City

There is a saying that says, “_Kansas has it all_, “and it’s not wrong at all! Its capital, Kansas City, is close to several unique natural sites that offer numerous outdoor activities while also features some interesting landmarks, such as zoos, aquariums, and beautiful lakes.

But Kansas City is a great destination for culture lovers as well. The _1950s All-Electric House_ is a must-visit, where you’ll feel as if you were traveling to the future. Another interesting site is the _Arabia Steamboat Museum_, where you can see the most extensive collection of artifacts from the pre-Civil War period. Don’t miss the opportunity to have a coffee in some of the city’s many antique coffee shops!


Art exhibitions, museums, historic buildings and music, all concentrated in only one city… Baltimore is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting cities in America. The variety of museums include _The American Visionary Art Museum, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not_, _The Baltimore Museum Of Industry_ and _The Reginald F. Lewis Museum Of African American History & Culture. _

If you’re not a museum lover, don’t you worry, because the city offers a wide variety of other cultural activities you can choose from. For instance, you can visit Hampden and go to _Atomic Books_ where you can meet the famous director John Waters. You can also head towards _Eightbar,_ a famous bookstore which also offers beer and gourmet soda.

San Francisco

San Francisco is the cultural and commercial heart of Northern California and is the second most visited destination in the US. The city is famous for its great food and restaurants. Foodies, you can’t miss the _San Francisco Champagne Society_ and _The Interval_.

There are many ways to explore a city, like traveling by public transport or going on a private tour, but in San Francisco, the best way is simply by taking a _Wild SF Walking Tour. _The tour’s itineraries will take you through the most charming neighborhoods, like Russian Hill and North Beach.


Of course, this list wouldn’t be the same without New Mexico’s most iconic city, Albuquerque. To begin with, the city features wonderful landscapes with striking natural beauty, like the _Sandia Peak Tramway,_ which is almost 11,000 feet above sea level! But this doesn’t end here.

However, it’s also a great spot for foodies, and _Rebel Donuts_ offers a unique faux-meth-sprinkle Blue Sky Donut! You should also consider taking the _Trolley’s Bad Tour_, where you’ll feel as if you were a _Breaking Bad _character. If you’re up for an unusual experience, then sleep in the _Hotel Parq Central, _which used to be a psychiatric hospital! The hotel also offers a selection of bittersweets and Aztec chocolate.


Providence is known for its historical roots and its cultural heritage. The city is not only ideal for history lovers but also for those who enjoy architecture and exploring modern cities. It’s also full of parks, zoos, and other outdoor places.

Providence is also a hotspot for theater lovers. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the all-puppet _Big Nazo Theater,_ and check out the _Extraordinary Rendition Band._ The city is also known because of its burgers and sandwiches, and we highly recommend going to_ Olneyville New York System_ where you can have the best hot-dogs.


The largest city of Oregon, Portland, is considered one of the greenest cities in the world and offers a lot of outdoor and indoor activities. If you want to learn more about the history and culture of Portland, you should visit _The Oregon Museum Of Science And Industry_, but if you want to have some fresh air, go walking through _Washington Park_.

If you want to see something new and incredible, head towards the _MadeHere PDX,_ where you’ll find some pretty bizarre objects for sale. Coffee is really important for this city, so if you have a free afternoon, go to _Coava_ and enjoy a cup of coffee. Don’t forget to go to _Jacobsen Salt_ and try the Smoked Cherrywood or Stumptown Coffee Flake salts.


Known for its bars, food trucks, and parks, Austin is a city that attracts many tourists every year. If you want to explore the city, we recommend you to go to _Sfanthor_ on South Congress, a wax museum that celebrates the most important people from the sci-fi, fantasy, and horror genres.

If you miss Christmas, don’t worry! At _Lala’s_, it’s Christmas the whole year, and you can order a good old Shiner beer. If you want to try the best local food, we recommend you to go to _Little Longhorn Saloon_ or _Javeline_ on Rainey.

New Orleans

Our list wouldn’t be complete without New Orleans and its nonstop festivals and voodoo shops! Known for its funerals, the Fermin Festival, and the Mardi Gras celebrations, New Orleans is a city that never sleeps and offers a lot of activities for tourists and locals alike.

If you visit New Orleans, you’ll find something different to do every day. For instance, you can take a VooDoo massage at the _Ritz-Carlton_ or try the _NOLA Social Rides_, which is a bike tour that includes live music at every stop. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the_ French Quarter_ and enjoy the music from some of the jazz clubs.