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Can You Believe These Iconic Songs Are Actually Covers?

Skadi Glastheim

Published on 02-20-2020 by Skadi Glastheim

Without a doubt, some songs are so famous that we've all listened to them at least dozens of times. For instance, who hasn't listened to Twist and Shout from The Beatles, I'm a Believer from Smash Mouth, or I Love Rock & Roll from Joan Jett? All these songs are catchy, memorable, and we instantly recognize them. However, there's another thing these songs have in common: believe it or not, they're all covers! Often, musicians "borrow" tunes, lyrics, or outright entire songs to play them in their own terms. They usually do this as a tribute to the original artist, but every so often there are other reasons mixed in. So here's a list of the most iconic songs that are actually covers!

Photo: YouTube