Hilarious Wildlife Pics That Will Make You Smile

Family Disagreement

Titled Family Disagreement, this amazing picture was captured in Croatia by Vlado Pirsa. It features two multi-colored birds in a strange pose getting ready for nesting, but it definitely seems like they're in the middle of a very heated argument!

Here's what probably happened: the husband was all night drinking with his bird mates while the woman was stuck all day taking care of their nest. In the picture, the female bird is screaming at him: "You come home late every single day! Jokes aside, the females are the ones in charge of taking care of the nest!

Laid Back

We would all wish to be that furry little fella, right? This hilarious picture was taken by Thomas Mangelsen somewhere near Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania. That lazy creature is actually a 10-month-old chimpanzee. Isn't he the cutest?

Actually, the Gombe Stream Park is famous worldwide for its Kasekela chimpanzee population, one of the largest on Earth. This adorable baby is lying against what is probably its mother, and he's probably longing for an ice-cold can of beer!

He's Right Behind Me

Let's be honest: if a shark were chasing us, we would all have that exact same expression on our faces! The picture was taken by Anthony Petrovich beneath the waters of Tiger Beach, Bahamas, and it's actually terrifying rather than funny!

That poor fish is being chased by a tiger shark, one of the deadliest species of shark in the globe. We're not sure if he's literally scared, but it sure seems like it! As to the picture's title (He's Right Behind Me), we couldn't have thought of a better choice!


Titled Hi, this photo features two adorable sea otters, and it was taken by Donna Bourdon somewhere in Alaska. It really seems like they're saying hi, doesn't it? I wonder who they're waving at!

Sea otters are very curious creatures, and 90% of them live on the Alaskan coast. They mostly feed on clams and use rocks to crack them open. Did you know that they can hold their breath underwater for up to 8 minutes? How cool is that?

Monday Morning Blues

This photo was taken by Eric Fisher, and like the previous one, also in Alaska. It shows a brown bear who seems to be struggling to wake up, covering his right eye with his big furry paw. He's probably saying: "Oh my god, is it Monday 7 AM already?".

Let's learn a few things about brown bears. To begin with, they're not always brown, but they can sometimes be black or even cream. Also, even though they appear to be ferocious carnivores, they actually eat plants too!

Holly Jolly Snowy

This owl really seems to be having a hell of a time! Titled Holly Jolly Snowy, this photo was taken by Vicki Jauron in Jones Beach, Long Island, United States. It's hard to tell what's snow and what's fur, as snowy owls are mostly white!

Snowy owls have way more feathers than the rest of the owl species, even their feet are covered by feathers! Logically, the reason behind this is so that they do not suffer from such cold temperatures. Also, did you know that they can measure up to 4 feet wide?

One, Two, Three... I'm Coming To Find You!

Even though that sneaky animal appears to be a koala, it's a brown bear! However, this picture wasn't taken in Alaska, but in Finland. Its author, Valtteri Mulkahainen, chose to name it One, Two, Three... I'm Coming to Find You!

Funnily enough, it really does seem like he's in the middle of a hide and seek game. Or maybe, he's just getting ready to start climbing. Yeah, you got that right: adult brown bears are actually capable of climbing trees!

Hang On!

Without a doubt, this is one of the most absurd pictures on this list. These two lionesses are playfully wrestling each other in the grasslands of the Masai Mara National Park, but they're so into it that it seems they never realized they're surrounded by a whole herd of zebras!

Also, are the zebras stupid? Do they not realize that their number one predator stands right there in front of them? Why won't they run? Photographer Adwait Aphale was extremely lucky to have captured such a unique moment!

Ice Skating Pair

Titled Ice Skating Pair, this picture was taken by Andre Elrich in the South Atlantic island of South Georgia. This remote island is most famous for its vast population of gentoo penguins. Apparently, these fellas are quite good at ice skating!

It's funny how coordinated these two mates are! Were they practicing for a musical? Gentoo penguins are actually really unique creatures. To begin with, they're the only species of penguin that doesn't follow an annual migration route, and they never breed in areas with snow or ice.

Excuse Me!

I know, this is too cute to be true! These furry little rodents are called quokkas and can only be found in Australia. As to the picture, it was taken by James Vodicka in Rottnest Island. Here's something about quokkas that will definitely leave you baffled!

These animals are well-known for the fact that they smile all the time, literally! This is why they're often regarded as the happiest animal on the globe. However, you better not be fooled by their innocent appearance, as they have super sharp claws and won't be afraid of using them shall they feel in danger.

Once Again, Cecil Forgot The Map

This ridiculously hilarious photo was taken in Rincon del Socorro, a town in Argentina's Ibera Wetlands. That cute little bird is a crested caracara (gosh, even its name makes me laugh!), while those three tough fellas are capybaras.

Funnily enough, these four look like a gang trying to scare off an outsider. Either that or the three capybaras are really pissed off at the birdie! Unlike quokkas, capybaras always have that stern look on their face as a result of the shape of their eyes.

Bad Hair Day

You know when you go to sleep with your hair wet and wake up looking like a complete mess? Well, this King Penguin chick definitely knows what I'm saying! Is it the wind, or did he go to sleep with his hair wet? I'm pretty sure it's the latter.

The photo was taken by Eric Keller at South Georgia Island. King Penguin chicks are famous for their thick layers of brown feathers, which they shed off when they're one year old. It kinda looks like the hood of a polar coat, right?

Chest Bump

Like many others on this list, this picture was taken at South Georgia Island by Tom Mangelsen. Titled Chest Bump, it shows an Antarctic fur seal and a king penguin having some sort of vocal altercation. Whatever they're talking about, they don't seem to agree!

It's shocking to see both these animals so close to each other since penguins are usually one of the Antarctic seals' favorite meals! But this penguin doesn't seem to be belittled, not even the slightest bit!

I'm Open!

I don't know what I love the most about this: the picture itself or the title! The photo was taken by Ryan Jefferds at Uganda's Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, and it shows a super eloquent chimp in a very human-like pose.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that this primate is standing on both legs and waving its arms in such a human-like way, as chimps are one of our closest relatives in the animal kingdom. Did you know they share 98% of our DNA? Crazy!

First Kiss Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage

Is love between animals not possible? If not, how do you explain this passionate love between these two Cape squirrels? The pictures were taken by Elaine Kruer in South Africa, and they really seem to depict a journey of love and affection.

First, we see the male squirrel fetching some flowers. In the next two images, we see them hugging and then kissing. And in the last pic, they're holding hands with joyous expressions on their face, while a witness (the squirrel priest, maybe?) gazes at them. Could they be any sweeter?

Waltz Gone Wrong

This is one of the weirdest pictures on this list. There's no arguing about that! Are these little fellas dancing? Playing? Fighting? Who knows! What we do know is that the picture was taken by Alastair Marsh on the outskirts of Amsterdam.

What we see in the picture are two female red foxes. It's actually not so simple to spot a red fox at such a close distance, and here's why. Similar to dogs, they can hear even the softest noises from over 40 yards away, and they'll run away whenever they hear even the faintest footstep.

Dancing... Yeah!

How did this woman manage to take such a brilliant picture? That lovable creature is a marmot, and the picture was taken by Martina Gebert in Austria. I wonder what sort of music it's dancing to! 21st-century trap, maybe?

Did you know that marmots are very sociable creatures? They live in big communities and communicate with each other in various ways, either by screaming, whistling, or through different sorts of audio signals.

Lion Take Away

Taken by Willem Kruger, this picture features a Rooiputs resident patiently waiting for someone right next to a signpost... or so it seems! The picture was taken in South Africa near the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, and Rooiputs is actually a nearby camping site.

So maybe, the lion was just waiting for some disoriented tourist in search of the camping site to show up. I'm totally OK with sleeping in tents, but I'm not so sure if I'm fine sleeping right next to a pride of lions, to be honest.

Laughing Zebra

This picture was taken by Peter Haygarth in the Ngorongoro National Park, Tanzania. The Ngorongoro crater is one of the most fascinating wonders in Africa, as it is home to over 30,000 animals, including the famous big 5: leopards, lions, elephants, rhinos, and hippos.

The title is pretty obvious, isn't it? It really seems like they're laughing their heads off! Zebras are not only beautiful creatures, but they appear to be rather expressive too. If you look up some photos on Google, you'll find all sorts of funny pictures of zebras making weird faces. Wanna see another laughing animal? Then slide to #2!

Space Man

I know what you're thinking: this has GOT to be a CGI animated image! Well, believe or burst, this is a Japanese snow monkey fighting the cold, but to be honest, it seems he's handling it pretty damn well! The way he's standing does resemble a rocket man, don't you think?

Japanese snow monkeys are famous for their pink faces and thick, warm, brown fur. They usually spend long hours in the island's hot springs in order to fight away the ice-cold temperatures. This guy wouldn't mind one of those hot springs, I guess!

Grab Life By The...

I don't know what's sillier, the image or the title! This lion cub is probably trying to climb on top of his father, but it really seems like he's trying to grab him by the balls! I really hope he doesn't, though, cause boy must that hurt!

The picture was taken by Sarah Skinner in Savuti, a region located in the core of the Chobe National Park, Botswana. Savuti is actually the best site for game-viewing in the whole country, so if you're into safaris, you know where to go!

To Be Or Not To Be

Working as a wildlife photographer is pretty much about taking the right picture at the right moment and right time, and Txema Garica Laseca sure achieved this goal to perfection. She took this marvelous portrait of a snow monkey in a very reflective pose.

The title was perfectly chosen, too, as To Be or Not to Be really do seem to be the words crossing his mind. But what do you think he was thinking about? Maybe he was asking himself why on earth he chose to take a bath in those waters when it was -15° outside!

That's Hilarious, Steve

Did you know that researchers have recently discovered that certain animals, such as chimps and rats, are actually capable of laughter? Grey seals aren't really among these species, but I beg to differ! If this seal is not laughing, then what on earth is she doing?

Titled That's Hilarious, Steve!, this picture was taken by Lloyd Durham at the Donna Nook Nature Reserve in Lincolnshire, UK. What do you think had her laughing so hard?

Oh My!

As you probably imagined, we saved the best for last. Titled Oh My!, this picture was taken by Harry Walker, and it rightfully received the Under the Water Award. It depicts a sea otter going for a swim somewhere near Seward, Alaska.

Just when this furry pal was in the middle of his swim, he saw something that left him baffled, but I guess we'll never know what! Also, is he amazed, worried, or terrified? Or all the three combined? Hard to tell!


This hilarious photo of two Atlantic puffins is so expressive that it was titled, Seriously, would you share some? While the left Atlantic puffin has his mouth stuffed with fresh prey, the second one stands next to him with a concerned look on his face.

Krisztina Scheeff captured the second puffin’s expression while it was waiting for its friend to share some of the food. The left puffin seems to have a natural talent for fishing, but is it good at sharing?

Smiling Blue Shark

Sharks are intimidating creatures. How many times have you seen a shark grinning? Probably zero. However, this friendly blue shark appears to be the exception to the rule.

Photographer Tanya Houppermans captured a blue shark showing a big smiling face while swimming in her direction. Perfect shot! The photo later won a Comedy Wildlife Photography Award in 2017.


This photo was titled “Peek-a-boo” for a good reason. Shane Keena took the picture from a hiding spot. From his angle, it looks like the animal is playing peek-a-boo with the photographer.

Keena won the Spectrum Photo Creatures of the Air Award in 2018. He shot the owl as if it was looking directly at the camera with its big yellow eyes.

Not-So-Human PhotograBear

This polar bear was probably sick and tired of seeing nothing but ice and blue sky until he found Roie Galitz’s camera. Curious as any animal may be, the bear approached the lens and looked through it.

Galitz captured this curious moment. The photograph, entitled Wildlife PhotograBear, was part of the highly commended selection of photos in the 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

Is It Monday Already?

This beautiful brown bear cub must have forgotten something very important. The photo, taken by Danielle D’Ermo, shows a regretful bear that either is missing something or simply doesn’t want to get up.

The photograph was titled Coastal Brown Bear Cub with Headache and was included in the Highly Commended gallery of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

Drive Safe

Jonathan Irish photographed this friendly bear next to the Teklanika River in Alaska. The animal seemed eager to show the photographer all the safety precautions to follow on the road.

Such as any other incredible wildlife photograph, this one was included in the Highly Commended gallery in the 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

A Rhinopeacock

A duck, a rhino and a peacock in the same land isn’t a typical situation we get to see daily. But Kallol Mukherjee spotted it for us and snapped a photo of the three animals together.

The funniest thing about this picture is that the rhino is so well-aligned with the peacock that he looks like he has all those feathers attached to his big body. The photograph was part of the Highly Commended in the 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.


Squirrels are surprisingly flexible animals, and this photo is proof of it. You might have seen a squirrel eating before, but a squirrel eating while hanging between two plants is undoubtedly unique.

This pretty little squirrel was performing a trapeze show when photographer Geert Weggen snapped a photo of the animal at its most flexible point. The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards nominated this funny and cute photo.


This situation resembles Mufasa falling off the cliff while Scar watches from above and lets go of him, except that there’s one owl about to fall, and the rest seem to be minding their own business.

Tibor Kercz captured this funny – though desperate – situation in which an owl can’t hold his grip, and his two mates don’t look supportive at all. The photo won the 2017 Wildlife Comedy Photography Awards.

The Laughing Dormouse

A giggling baby dormouse standing on a yarrow flower is probably the most adorable image you’ve ever seen. Andrea Zampatti took this cute photo.

Andrea Zampatti should have won an award for capturing the cutest wildlife photograph ever. However, she didn’t come home empty-handed. The photographer won the Serian on the Land award and the 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Award.

Tree Massage

Imagine having no hands to scratch when you have the itchy urge to do so. Some animals find themselves in this situation but find ways to solve the itchy issue quickly.

This lovely giraffe gets the most out of his height. He uses a long tree branch to scratch his itchy ears. Problem solved!

Outsourcing Seatbelt Checks

Photography is an art. Otherwise, this shot would’ve been impossible to take. Graeme Guy is such a talented photographer that he was a finalist in the 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

The photo is named Outsourcing Seatbelt Checks because it looks like the giraffe is checking on the plane. Guy captured the moment from the perfect angle in Masai Mara, Keyna.

Laughing Seal

It’s hard to tell whether this cute seal is laughing at a joke or yawing. Brian Valente snapped a photo of this beautiful seal lying on the floor in San Diego, California.

The photograph was titled Laughing Seal – Oh, I just got it! , and was among the 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards finalists.

Hitching A Ride

Photographer Daisy Gilardini snapped a photo of a polar bear cub holding tight to its mother as they went for a walk in Wapusk National Park in Manitoba, Canada.

The photo, named Hitching a Ride was part of the Highly Commended in the 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.


Countless are the spots where a bird may land to have some rest or share a space with its mates. These two brown birds with cute yellow and red beaks chose the perfect spot to chat: a zebra’s back.

Photographer Baz Ratner took this photo in Nairobi National Park, Kenya. Reuters later nominated this picture as one of the best wildlife photos of 2018.

Red Dramatic Deer

Henry Nicholls woke up early in the morning to catch the perfect shot in the mist in Bushy Park, London. He probably didn’t expect to snap a photo of a red deer in such a dramatic pose.

Nicholls so perfectly captured the silhouette of the red deer that in 2018 Reuters chose it as the best animal photo of the year.

Quarantine Life

A family of eastern raccoon kits cuddles up in a tree hollow in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. Photographer Kevin Biskaborn snapped a photo of mother raccoon and her babies trying to fit in a tiny but comfy space.

It makes sense that the photo was named Quarantine Life. This raccoon family looks desperate to get outside and explore the world, just like we did in the days of quarantine back in 2020.

Lounging Leopard

You may think that snapping a shot like this takes a couple of minutes in a day. The truth is that photographer Skye Meaker spent hours following these beautiful African leopards until he found a resting one and got the perfect shot.

Meaker, who started digging into photography at the early age of seven, received the title Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2018.

Mom, I’m Hungry!

Parenthood is probably one of the best things in life, but no one said it’s easy. In fact, it can be exhausting and demanding at the same time. This mommy lion and her cub are proof of this.

The lion cub is anxiously waiting for her mama to wake up. He might want food or playtime. Anyway, it’s impossible to overlook those baby teeth. Isn’t it the cutest?

I Said No

Some pictures are taken at the right place and time, and the results are hilarious. Photographer Tony Dodge caught a mommy bear yelling at her little cub while having a bath in the lake.

Mom must have been very upset to react this way with her cub. “I said NO MORE SPLASHING!” can be one possibility.

Napping Time

A cute squirrel enjoys nap time while sitting in a tree branch that fits perfectly for his fluffy body. Stuart Malcolm captured this adorable photograph.

This squirrel’s head is resting in the branch tree. The little animal was so sleepy that he never found out Malcolm was taking a great shot of him.


Monkeys are one of the most clever animals. This monkey seems to be the nerd of the family. He sneaked into a photographer’s yard, who gave him bread wrapped in a newspaper.

The photographer was surprised that the monkey unwrapped the food and sat down with the newspaper to read it. He took the photo at his home in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Ice Yoga

Yoga is the best activity to relax the body and the mind. For the first time, a fox tries ice yoga and fails. The result wasn’t successful, but it was funny as hell!

In Yellowstone Park, U.S., Shayne McGuire snapped a photo of this cute fox jumping for a vole and acing the landing, except that he got stuck in the upsidedown of the icy snow.

Hide And Seek

Playing hide and seek with a tiny blue-striped fang blenny fish is one of the best things about being a marine photographer. It’s all fun and games until you have to snap the perfect shot.

It takes time and patience to capture the best shot, especially if the animal is as tiny as this little blenny. After a while, this cute fish peered out from a coral, and the photographer snapped the perfect shot.

Brown Bear Business

It’s hard to tell what business these two beautiful Alaska brown bears deal with. In a possible romantic scenario, a cub bear kneels to propose to his love life and promises to love and care for her little partner.

The situation also looks like one cub is scolding the other. The reason will remain unknown, but photographer Greg Harvey captured this funny moment for us at Lake Clark National Park, U.S.

That Way

Photographer Carol Taylor caught two lovely penguins in the middle of a heated argument. One of them seems 100% sure which direction to go, while the other refuses to go that way.

The photo, named “ Directing Penguin ,” was one of the 2021 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards finalists.

Worth The Wait

Being a wildlife photographer takes more than just talent, but rather tons of patience. Photographer Jennifer Beck Lyndhurst waited for a long time before snapping the best shot of this angry bird.

The bird emerged from his hidden spot and struck a funny pose that the photographer could capture. This least bittern enjoyed his pose at Cuyahoga Valley National Park, U.S.

Nose Pick

This family of mountain gorillas was caught in the middle of a situation. The gorilla mom seems upset about something, while her baby gorilla enjoys a nose pick dive while his mom isn’t looking.

Photographer Rick Beldegreen went trekking in Rwanda to find a family of mountain gorillas. He never imagined that he’d find such a funny situation to capture. He titled the photograph “ A quick pick .”

Cheetah PlayTime

Gerardo Flores took this adorable photo of two cheetahs enjoying some playtime in Masaai Mara, Kenya. The photographer captured this shot on the first day of his trip. Lucky him that he found two cheetah brothers on his very first day.

Some photographers wait for weeks to get the best shot of a wild animal. He snapped one of the cheetah brothers rolling on the ground and laughing in a lovely shot.

Sneaking In

Raccoons are intelligent little animals. This raccoon knows precisely where to find food but has trouble reaching it. The photographer name this photo “ How do you get the damn window open? ” after seeing the raccoon trying to sneak in.

Photographer Nicolas de Vaulx snapped this cute raccoon in the middle of some dirty business in France. He said that this little raccoon is known in the area for stealing food from wherever he can.