Unbelievably Expensive Items Found Only In Dubai

Water Cars

Created by Dave March, WaterCar is an American company that focuses on the manufacture of amphibious vehicles. After the first commercial water car was released to the public in 2013 for $135,000, the vehicle became rather popular in Dubai.

These luxury water cars enter the water at about 10mph while the wheels are being retracted by suspension. After the transformation is completed in as little as 15 seconds, what was once a land vehicle becomes a water automobile.

Undersea Hotels

We’ve all probably fantasized about staying in an underwater hotel. After all, what’s more exciting than drawing your curtains and seeing the magnificent creatures that live under the sea? With its ultramodern architecture, it is no surprise that undersea hotels are rather common in Dubai.

However, the beautiful views come with a hefty price tag. The average night costs about $6,295. In case you ever find yourself in Dubai and are lucky enough to afford one of these hotels, head to Atlantis, The Palm, where one of the most famous suites is located.

Helicopter Taxis For Cars

If somebody can simply take a helicopter from one place to another, your first thought is probably that they are very wealthy. In Dubai, however, it’s not only people that take helicopter rides; cars can take them too.

There is such a thing as a helicopter taxi, which you can see flying around in Dubai occasionally. These helicopters are transporting the cars of the very rich from one place to another. It is the perfect way to avoid traffic.

Luxury Police Cars

We can all agree that a Lamborghini is an expensive vehicle. We can also agree that usually, police officers drive average cars. However, these assumptions stand corrected in Dubai, where the police can be seen driving luxury vehicles such as Lamborghinis and Ferraris.

Given the numerous expensive cars that one can find in Dubai, it makes sense that police officers drive the same cars as the rest of the population. So don’t be surprised if you see Ferraris patrolling the streets to keep you safe.

Indoor Mall Skiing

Usually, if somebody wants to go skiing, they will head to someplace snowy. Most of the time, this involves a long trip and a ski resort. In Dubai, however, one can have the experience of skiing in the mall, specifically at the Mall of the Emirates.

Developed in 2005 by the Majid Al Futtaim Group, Ski Dubai offers different courses of varying difficulty levels. The hardest one is the world’s first indoor black-diamond run, which is the steepest course in the area.

Penguin Petting Zoo

If you thought that The Mall of the Emirates had done enough by building a whole indoor ski resort, you underestimated malls in Dubai. Five years after The Mall of the Emirates surprised the world with their ski resort, they introduced The Penguin Experience.

Tickets cost around $40-$140 depending on what type of experience the visitor chooses. On the higher end, visitors get to interact with the penguins under experts’ supervision. On the lower end, penguin lovers can walk around the ice cave and watch the penguins closely.

Luxury Ambulances

Luxury police cars might be one thing, but luxury ambulances are on a whole other level. Residents in Dubai have the option to ride to the hospital in a limousine. Allstate Limo converts limousines into emergency vehicles equipped with anything an ambulance would need.

The cost to ride in these elite ambulances is estimated to be about $150,000 - $200,000. However, you don’t necessarily have to be the richest of the rich to experience the luxury ambulance. As long as you have standard medical insurance, you’re eligible to have a luxurious ride to the hospital

Falcon Passengers

We’ve all probably heard of people buying plane tickets for their pets. After all, it’s important to keep your furry friends close. In Dubai, however, dogs and cats are not the ultimate companions; falcons are.

Since falcons are the national bird of the UAE, it is standard practice to treat these birds with the utmost respect. Thus, when their owners travel by plane, falcons are allowed to travel with their owners uncaged.

Diamond-Encrusted Mercedes

We’re all aware that there are some very expensive cars out there. Whether it’s a very exclusive design or the latest technology, some cars come at a very high price. In Dubai, this is taken to a whole new other level with diamond-encrusted cars.

Valued at around $4.8 million, a diamond-encrusted Mercedes is a reality in Dubai. This is far from accessible to the general population. The owner is Al-Waleed bin Talal Abdul-Aziz, a billionaire businessman and royal.

ATM Gold Bar

In most countries, when you go to an ATM, you expect to withdraw cash. In Dubai, however, you also have the option to “withdraw” gold. Gold to Go gold bar ATMs are available in the UAE in case you need some gold during your trip to Dubai.

These ATMs have 324 different gold items that you can purchase. From coins to 24-carat gold bars, these ATMs can fulfill the dreams of any gold lover. The gold bars are worth approximately $1.46 million.

The Man-Made “Palm Islands”

The Palm Islands consist of three artificial islands: Palm Jumeirah, Deira Island and Palm Jebel Ali. In total, the construction of these islands cost around $12 billion. Palm Jumeirah features private residences and numerous hotels.

The islands have sparked great controversy given the severe impact that their construction has caused in the surrounding environment. Changes in wildlife, coastal erosion and injured marine fauna are some of the concerns.

High-Rise Tennis Court

While tennis is known for being a sport played amongst the rich, Dubai seems to have taken this to the next level. If you ever want to play tennis with a crazy view, head over to the Burj al Arab hotel, where you will find the highest rooftop court.

The cost per night at the hotel can range between $1,000 to $28,000, and any guest has the opportunity to play tennis in the world’s highest tennis court. For the grand ceremony of the court’s opening, Roger Federer and Andre Agassi were invited to play a match.

Pet Cheetahs

Perhaps you thought that pet falcons were strange, but when it comes to Dubai, anything can happen. A pet falcon certainly sounds very tame compared to the prospect of having a pet cheetah, a practice that isn’t unheard of in Dubai.

To assert their status, some residents of Dubai opt to have domesticated cheetahs as their companions. These large cats are shy but can sometimes be seen walking on the streets alongside their owners or sitting on the passenger seat.

Golden Foosball Table

There is no shortage of expensive gaming equipment in the ultramodern city of Dubai. We’ve heard of diamond-encrusted Mercedes and ATMs with gold bars. Thus, a golden foosball table seems to fit right in.

The Lux Gold Foosball table is arguably the shiniest foosball table anybody could lay their eyes on. Not only is the table finished with gold, but it is also encrusted with diamonds. Those that are interested have the option to choose from 12 different designs.

Turtle Collections

As we’ve seen so far, citizens of Dubai tend to opt for pets that the rest of the world isn’t quite familiar with. While some of them prefer cheetahs and falcons, others are more comfortable with slower animals.

Rare collections of turtles are actually not that strange when it comes to Dubai residents. Instead of having just one turtle, pet owners prefer to have a few of them. The most common type of turtle is the desert one, which is usually less friendly.

Edible Gold Desserts

We’ve probably all heard of some fancy desserts that come with a silver or gold leaf. However, in Dubai, a sliver of gold is not enough. Here, you can find desserts that are much more expensive than your regular sweet treat.

Bloomsbury’s Cafe offers golden desserts and amongst them is the “Gold Phoenix Cupcake.”This delicacy includes a 24K gold sheet, making it the most expensive cupcake in the world. Each cupcake costs approximately $1,000.

Pet Tigers

Since we’ve already gone over the cheetahs, the falcons and the turtle collections, it seems fitting also to mention the pet tigers. While you probably won’t see these in the present day since pet tigers have become illegal in Dubai for more than four years, it’s worth noting that these felines were not uncommon a while back.

The cost of a pet tiger could range from $5,000-$30,000. However, that is nothing compared to the fine that one would risk for showcasing their tiger on the streets. Individuals that break the law can face a fine of $136,000.

24K Golden Skincare

While there is no doubt that we should all take care of our skins, Dubai has set the bar extremely high when it comes to skincare. If you head to Palm Jumeirah, you can find an elite skin treatment under the name “24K Gold Facial Treatment”.

With a high price of $6,800, this is not your regular beauty parlor routine. The treatment is an experience that includes an Argan oil massage, caviar for lunch and a 24K gold mask that is supposed to revitalize your skin.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Who doesn’t enjoy a stroll around a beautiful flower garden? If the thought of millions of flower varieties all in one place makes you jump in excitement, there is no better place than The Dubai Miracle Garden.

Known as the world’s biggest flower garden, The Dubai Miracle Garden cost approximately $11 million. The result is a garden offering 45 million varieties of flowers and more than 250 million varieties of other plants.

Marble Horse Stables

Horses are far from being affordable domesticated animals; the yearly cost usually reaches the thousands. In Dubai, this number is significantly higher, especially for those that have their horses in the Godolphin Stables.

Featuring marble floors, Godolphin Stables owns, trains and breeds thoroughbred racehorses. The horses are known for their agility, speed and sprint. The stables are temperature-regulated and offer anything a horse would need to be 100% comfortable.

The Fastest Ambulances

If you want to ride in a limousine to the hospital, Dubai has you covered. If you want to reach the hospital in under 5 minutes, Dubai also has you covered. By turning sports cars into ambulances, the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services has managed to deliver the world’s fastest emergency vehicles.

These ambulances are not ordinary; they can travel as fast as 185mph, meaning that they can arrive at the scene in less than 5 minutes. So if you’re ever sick in Dubai, rest assured that you can get to the hospital in no time.

The Dubai Mall

It is a well-known fact that Dubai has some of the craziest malls in the world. Arguably one of the most famous ones is The Dubai Mall, which cost approximately $7 million. With 5.5 million square feet of retail area and more than 1,200 stores, this is the world’s biggest mall.

Unlike most malls, shopping is not the only thing you can do in The Dubai Mall. From an underwater zoo that features sharks and rays to a 155 million-year-old dinosaur fossil, anybody can find something to do in the mall.

Rooftop Boxing

For those that want to experience the lavish lifestyle of Dubai but don’t want to break the bank, a rooftop boxing practice is probably a great option. The Sofitel Hotel located in The Palms offers a unique boxing experience.

This rooftop boxing gym offers a one-hour training session with a professional for $80. Not only will you get to learn some new boxing moves, but you will do so with a view you will never forget.

Desert Views On Hot Air Balloon

If a boxing lesson on a rooftop didn’t excite you very much, a hot air balloon ride over the Dubai desert might. Costing approximately $350, the hot air balloon rides offered by Viator give you a unique experience while floating hundreds of feet above the ground.

The views of the Dubai desert are astonishing, particularly during the sunrise. The beauty of the desert being illuminated by the sun is a memory you will never forget. The best part is that the package includes breakfast and a falcon show.

Camel Parking

Perhaps Ferraris and Lamborghinis parked on the street are not going to make you turn your head. But it is likely that a camel positioned on the side of the street as if it were parked will cause you to do a double take.

Opting for a camel as a means of transportation and parking the animal as if it were a car is not something completely out of the ordinary in Dubai. So don’t be surprised if after you’re done with your shopping at the mall, you see a camel parked right next to your car.

World’s Highest Rope Climb

Dubai’s developers have been working hard to attract as many tourists as they can. In order to do so, they cater to all sorts of interests, such as rope climbing. As constructing taller and taller buildings is one of Dubai’s specialties, creating the world’s highest rope climb seems natural.

The $2.71 billion Bluewaters Island project features the highest rope climbing platform at a height of 150 meters. Climbers will be offered a unique experience and will be supervised by experts to avoid accidents.

Luxury Pacifies

Considering all the luxury items that you can find in Dubai, it is no surprise that such treatment begins at a very early age. Gold and Diamond pacifiers are perfect for families that are looking to have their babies match their lavish lifestyle.

While some might think this is not necessary, parents that are wealthy enough and wish to ensure that their babies show the family fortune can purchase 18-carat gold pacifiers that come studded with Swarovski crystals.

Police Officers Riding Hoverbikes

We’ve already mentioned how it is not uncommon to see police officers riding luxury vehicles. However, expensive cars are not the only vehicle that the police can ride. Dubai is trying to get its officers on hoverbikes to patrol the skies.

While the program isn’t fully finished yet, there are teams practicing to get ready and take flight. In fact, in the not-so-distant future, hoverbikes are likely to become accessible to all the population. Each hoverbike would cost about $150,000.

Very Large Restaurant Bills

While it is good for the body and the soul to occasionally splurge on an expensive meal, citizens of Dubai are used to doing so way more frequently and with tabs that will leave you wondering what type of food could possibly be so expensive.

Six-figure restaurant checks are possible in Dubai. For instance, the bill above, when converted to U.S dollars, comes out at $105,627. While refraining from consuming alcohol would have helped keep the bill lower, it still would have been an outrageous number.

Temperature-Controlled City

As Dubai is known for its malls, it is no surprise that they would come up with a mall that is built like a city and that is actually temperature-controlled. Designed by Dubai Holding, Mall of the World is inspired by two famous streets: Broadway Street from NYC and Oxford Street from London.

The Mall aims to attract 180 million visitors to further add to Dubai’s reputation as a tourist hub. While the idea of the mall might appear detrimental to the environment, its developers are focusing on its features to be environmentally responsible.

Private Concerts

We all have that one artist or band that we have yet to see in a concert. If you are in Dubai, there is the possibility of enjoying a private concert. While the price of these concerts is far beyond what most people can afford, a few select Emiratis can splurge on them without batting an eye.

For those rich enough, waiting in line or enjoying a concert with strangers is something they can avoid completely. Singers such as Jay-Z and Kanye received approximately $6 million to perform private concerts in Dubai.

Flyboard Boots

If you're an extreme sports enthusiast, then Dubai is the place you wanna go to. If playing tennis in between the clouds is not enough for you, then you can give flyboarding a shot! But what is it, exactly?

Flyboard is the latest trend in the sports world. A long and thick hose directs water through jet nozzles installed right under the boots, making you fly above the water. As long as you have the money, it's a one in a lifetime experience.

Luxury Uber Rides

If you can't afford your own luxury vehicle but you don't wanna miss out of Dubai's stylish cars, then try calling an Uber. Dubai is the only city in the world where a Lexus or a sports car arrives on Uber.

This is probably the only affordable luxury item on this list, since a short Uber ride on a high-end vehicle can cost as little as $10.

Islands Of The World

The palm-shaped island isn't the only gigantic man-made structure you'll find in Dubai. The architecture firm Creative Kingdom Dubai is currently building a series of 260 islands which together form the shape of a world map.

By the time the project is completed, each individual island will be between 14,000 and 42,000 square meters large. All in all, the islands will cost over 17 billion dollars, making it one of the most expensive architectural projects ever.

Mustang Motorcycles

Whether it's diamond-encrusted Mercedes or Ferrari police cars, luxury vehicles have become quite common in Dubai. As you can imagine, motorcycles are no exception.

The Mustang motorcycles that can be seen in Dubai are quite different from the traditional motorcycles found in any other country. This guy, for instance, had a customized motorcycle made in the shape of an Arabian horse, and when word spread across town, many others had their own custom vehicles made.

Million-Dollar Cake

People in Dubai have the gift of turning a simple, everyday item like a cake into a ridiculously ostentatious artwork. For example, take a look at this whopping one-million dollar cake which comes in the shape of the bride.

This artwork was made by Debbie Wingham, known to be the world's most expensive designer. Most of her masterpieces cost over $50 million, so we could even say the cake was quite a bargain!

Giant Gold Ring

Gold rings are not that hard to find, but what about this record-breaking 63-kg, 21-carat gold ring? Logically, this fine piece of jewelry received the Guinness World Record for the heaviest gold ring ever.

Named "Najmat Taiba", the ring is currently on display at Dubai's signature jewelry shop Deira Gold Souk. Dying to know its worth? It changes over time, but it's currently valued at $3 million.

Chocolate Wrapped In Gold

If there's something you should've learned by now, it's that in Dubai everything can come in gold. Even food! Apart from the pretentious 1,000-dollar gold-infused cupcake mentioned above, you can also buy chocolate wrapped in gold.

These Swiss chocolate truffles come wrapped in edible 24-karat gold sheets and they can be bought for $4100 per kg. Oh, and as if this weren't enough, they're sold in silk-wrapped wooden boxes, too.

Crystalized Phones

There's no arguing about the fact Nokia phones are completely useless nowadays. However, in Dubai, you can find old Nokia phones that are worth way more than the world's newest IPhone. But why?

These crystalized Nokia phones are decorated with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and gold. In fact, they've recently launched a special gold edition featuring an 18k gold-plated body.

Remote-Controlled Camel Races

For some reason, camel races are a big deal in Dubai. But while riding a camel can be a thrilling experience, in Dubai they're usually ridden by robots. How bizarre is that?

These robot jockeys wear red shirts and white helmets to give spectators the impression that they're watching actual humans. Operators manipulate them with remote controls from the side of the race track.

Robot Policemen

The busy streets of Dubai have recently started being patrolled by robotic policemen. Allegedly, the Dubai Police intends robots to make up 25% of the local police force by 2030.

"These kind of robots can work 24/7. They won’t ask you for leave, sick leave or maternity leave", said a Dubai police authority. Curiously, the financial cost of an individual robot hasn't been disclosed by the state.