These Hilarious Animal Photos Will Put You In A Great Mood

You've Got Visitors

This may look like an ordinary photo of a Mama duck and her babies, but there's a very sweet story behind it.

Every year, this duck brings her new babies to this nearby house, where the owners feed her and take care of her babies. This time, she showed up with 13 fluffy babies!

Living In Luxury

All birds love to build their nests by themselves. These nests all look the same, for the most part, but this hummingbird took it to the next level.

This smart little guy even built himself a roof with a leaf and is now living in bird luxury. It is unbelievable how clever animals can be!

The Sweetest Surprise

Imagine waking up in the morning thinking it's a normal day, only to find out that there's a baby deer sleeping under your car?

Thankfully, the car owner's neighbor spotted the little intruder. Otherwise, the deer could've been hurt if someone had started the car.

A Happy Quokka

Quokkas, also known as short-tailed scrub wallabies, are some of the sweetest, cutest animals you can find in Australia. They're as small as cats and have pouches in their bellies like kangaroos.

This mom and her baby are having the time of their lives. Just look at how happy that baby looks!

Say Cheese!

This is one of those moments where you can't know for sure whether the horse photobombed these people on purpose or not. Judging by its smile, the horse was very aware of what was happening.

One thing's for sure: the horse stole the show. Just look at that smile! In comparison to the two men, the horse really knows how to pose for a photo.

Pose For The Camera

This hippo really knows how to pose for a photo. Just look at all the facial expressions it can do!

This hippo is definitely an influencer in the making and would be a huge social media star if it could learn how to use a phone.

Working Tiger

This female tiger was photographed by Siddhant Agrawal at Jim Corbett National Park in India. She looks like she’s in the middle of her morning shift, carrying a log on her shoulders.

What this female tiger was doing isn’t work-related at all. The animal reached the log by standing on her limbs to scratch her face. She was caught in the middle of her scratching time.

I’m So Pissed Off

Squirrels are beautiful tiny creatures that look cute and loving, no matter what they do. However, this squirrel wasn’t looking adorable at all. In fact, it looked like it was pissed off.

Standing in the corner with his arms crossed, this squirrel appears to have been very mad at something. We wish we knew what it was that made it so upset.

No Dogs In This House

Scientifically speaking, a person who hates animals will turn hate into love once they get acquainted with one. This is because a pet always brings joy and love to a home. It’s like having a newborn.

The look on this man’s face tells me that he might have said countless times that he didn’t want a pet in his home. Look where he is now –surrounded by two big beautiful dogs.

Job Interview

Pigeons are always seen together, in groups, looking for scraps on the floor. They are city birds. While these three pigeons might be looking for some McDonald’s scraps, the photo says otherwise.

It seems that these three pigeons were caught in the middle of a job interview. Whatever pigeon job it was, we hope everything went fine.


This young bear looks like he’s playing hide and seek with the photographer, Pal Marchhart. The truth is, the bear wasn’t hiding behind a tree but descending from it.

This photo was taken in Hargita Mountains, Romania. The photographer captured this young beast looking right into the camera. This is nothing but a great shot.

Macro Nature

If the wildlife was already hard to capture, imagine capturing macro nature. As hard as it may sound, Mattias Hammar took the best shot of a red damselfly in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The red damselfly looks like he is waving at the camera and welcoming everybody into his tiny world. Hi pal, welcome to macro nature!

Screwing Up

Pets understand what to do and what not to do after being given some kind of training. The funniest thing about pets is to catch them red-handed with an “I screwed it up” face.

These dogs are well aware of the situation they are in. They look both concerned and aware of the mess they made. However, they choose not to care. They’re waiting for their hoomans to take them out of the problem.

It’s Opera Time

This is your chance to see an Australian kangaroo singing along in the middle of the field. Maybe it’s not singing at all, but it looks like it is. This funny picture was taken by Lea Scaddan.

The city of Perth might be full of kangaroos. However, the odds of encountering a singing kangaroo are low. The photographer named this photo “Opera warm-ups.”


Dogs are the most loyal creatures on Earth. They will, beyond doubt, defend and protect their humans. When their humans become parents, and a newborn comes in, they turn an overprotective mood on.

These two doggos took their jobs very seriously. You don’t dare to touch or even look at this tiny baby. It is guarded under our watch.

Let Me Tell You My Story

This senior dog with a grandpa hat looks like he’s about to tell us the story of his good old days, just like our grandparents do when they tell us stories of how they survived a childhood with no Internet.

Back in the days when this dog was a little puppy, plastic dog toys didn’t exist at all. Humans would throw a stick for the dog to go and fetch it. Those were the old days, my friend.

It Exploded

Until the puppy is clearly taught what to do and what not to do, anything disastrous can happen. Puppies tend to chew, scratch and destroy every precious item in the house.

This dog has a peaceful look on his face, which tells us that he wasn’t responsible for the huge mess he made. According to the pup’s version, the door exploded, and he was just next to it to witness the event.

Netflix Marathon

Netflix has become an addiction for some viewers. Shows are so addictive that you can’t stop until you finish them. You finish an episode and watch the next until you realize it’s 3 a.m.

The problem comes when you look at the clock and realize you will get only three to four hours of sleep before the alarm goes on. This surprised monkey looks like he spent the whole night watching Netflix and just realized it is too late.

Drunk Owl

This cute burrowing owl looks like he’s about to pass out. Either he hadn’t had enough sleep, or he had been drinking too much. I’ll go with the second option.

Photographer Anita Ross took this photo in San Bernardino County, California. She explained that this owl caught her attention, as it looked like he had a hangover.

Feeding Time

Cats aren’t as friendly as dogs. In fact, they are categorized as mean pets. This black cat doesn’t look mean at all, but serious. It’s feeding time, and he knows.

If you were a cat, how would you ask for food? This cat found a creepy way to do it. He’s on a shelf, his Batman-like shadow behind, reminding his owner that feeding time was an hour ago.

Monday Mood

Photographer Andrew Mayes was taking photos of Pied starlings at the Rietvlei Nature Reserve in South Africa until he found this animal with a particular look on his face.

The look on the animal’s face tells me that it’s Monday, and he hates it just like everybody else does. Mondays are always hard to start. We can all relate to this Pied starling.

Birdie Sanders

Some dogs look just like their humans. The resemblance is rather crazy but real. Sometimes they look alike, and sometimes they behave the same way.

This animal looks like Bernie Sanders, except that it’s not a dog but a bird. After all, his name is Birdie Sanders.

Laughing Snake

Most people are afraid of snakes. However, some of them are harmless, like this vine snake. These snakes are most commonly found in the western ghats of India.

As scary as snakes might be, this little vine snake looks like he’s smiling and laughing at the camera. There’s no need to be afraid, my friend.

Be My Guest

Can you think of someone that lives in your house for free, doesn’t pay rent or bills, has free food and is always getting attention? Let me give you a clue: it’s not a person.

As much as we love our pets, the truth is that they live in our homes for free. What do we get in return? Endless love.

Chinese Whispers

Three raccoons were photographed by Jan Piecha in Kassel, Germany. This is your one-time chance to see raccoons playing Chinese whispers.

It seems that the raccoons are having some fun, as they look like they’re focused on the task at hand.

New Hair, New Me

People see changes as new chapters in their lives. For example, having a haircut. While it’s true that a new haircut is a great way to start a new chapter in someone’s life, it has to be carefully done.

Most people make the silliest mistake of cutting their hair on their own and end up with a horrible mess, just like this cat, which looks like he got into a fight with the scissors and ended up losing the battle.

Flying Gopher

This little gopher was captured in the air next to his little friend. Kranitz Roland photographed these cuties in the middle of something interesting.

How the gopher ended up in the air is a mystery. We assume his little friend was there to catch him, but it’s hard to tell how he would do it with those tiny little arms.

Baby Gorilla

A baby gorilla picked up a dandelion from the grass and stared at it for a while with a concerned look on its face. He looks at the flower as if it was a delicate item.

When someone gives you a compliment, and you don’t know what to do with it, you might look just like the baby gorilla. You’ve been given a lovely gift, but you’re not sure how to handle it.

Dog Alarm

Having a dog is beneficial in many ways. One of the benefits is that you don’t have to worry about falling asleep for work. Your dog will be your personal alarm and wake you up early in the morning.

The downside of having a pet is that they can’t tell whether it’s a business day or a weekend day. After all, waking up to some wet kisses is the best feeling in the world, isn’t it?

So Small, So Full Of Rage

This is your chance to see a tiny turtle, so tiny that it fits in your finger, full of rage. This little friend is probably annoyed that he was lifted from the ground.

Given the way this turtle opens his mouth wide and raises up his arms, it seems that he’s pissed off at the fact that he was lifted to be taken a picture. Not know!

Hamadryas Baboon

A Hamadryas baboon was captured by Clemence Guinard as he was having some rest in the Saudi Arabian mountains. The baboon was yawning at the camera, which means that he was heading to get some sleep.

As much as it seems to be a sleeping baboon, it looks like he is about to start a tenor solo in front of an audience. We are ready to hear you, Mr. Baboon.

I Have No Clue

Photographer Dawn Wilson captured a brown pelican as it was waking up in Louisiana, USA. It was raining, so the pelican shook the water off and headed to grab some breakfast.

The pelican was just shaking the water off his body, but it looks like he was shrugging his shoulders as if to mean, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Angry Chameleon

While it’s true that most animals don’t make facial expressions to display their emotions, this Indian chameleon proves otherwise. He looks like he’s showing the camera his anger.

This Indian chameleon was photographed in Western Ghats, India. I don’t know about you, but I can read “get the hell out of my property” on its face.

Tree Lover

Trees are of great importance in the lives of monkeys, and this photo is proof of this. Photographer Jakub Hodan captured a Proboscis monkey holding tight to a tree in Borneo.

It’s hard to tell whether this cute animal is scratching his nose on the roughness of the tree or he’s just showing a little bit of love. No matter what it is, we are not going to judge.

It Must’ve Hurt

A golden silk monkey was captured in Yunnan, China hanging on a string while his intimate parts were in a compromising situation. Photographer Ken Jensen titled this picture “Ouch!”

It appears that the silk monkey is in pain, but he’s not. The animal is showing aggression, even though his pose and face suggest otherwise.

Oh, No!

A smooth-coated otter is taking its baby otter for a swim in Singapore. The time has come for this baby otter to learn how to swim. However, it doesn’t look like he likes the idea.

By the expression on the baby otter’s face, he looks both scared and surprised at the same time. He certainly didn’t see it coming.

Giggling Seal

A lovely gray seal pup giggles while lying on a rocky beach in Ravenscar. This photo is a product of long hours observing the animal in its natural environment.

Photographer Martina Novotna spent hours watching this gorgeous seal pup lying on the rock until she got the best shot. The animal wasn’t making any moves at all. In fact, it slept most of the time until it giggled.

Excuse Me?

A peaceful seagull enjoys a sunny day standing on a rock next to its duck friend. Seagulls are seabirds, which means they spend most of their time between the rocks and water.

We bet you didn’t see the turtle until you read the meme. The peaceful seagull must have been so distracted that he didn’t realize he was standing on a turtle. The good thing is that these three animals can cohabitate together.

Kung-Fu Langur

This cute langur looks like he was practicing martial arts in the middle of the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in India. Photographer Sarosh Lodhi was present to capture the moment.

The langur appears to be practicing his balance with some kung-fu moves by swaying its body. The other animals aren't paying attention to the karate monkey, though.

Before And After COVID-19

The 2020 pandemic has changed people’s daily routines. Before COVID-19, one had to wake up early to commute to work. Now, you can sleep an extra hour and work from home.

The pandemic also brought a lockdown. Being always at home and eating too much food can cause you to become overweight. You can end up just like the dog in the picture in months.