Amazing AI Reconstructions Of Historical Figures And Cartoons


Born in The Netherlands, Rembrandt is unarguably one of history’s most influential artists. He is one of Baroque's greatest icons, and he’s most famous for his self-portraits.

Shipley has brought Rembrandt to life by recreating one of the forty portraits he made of himself. He kind of looks like Tom Hanks, doesn’t he?

Mona Lisa

It goes without saying that the Mona Lisa is the most famous artwork ever made. It’s actually a portrait of a merchant’s wife, but did you know that Mona Lisa wasn’t the woman’s real name?

The young woman’s name was allegedly Madam Lisa Giocondo, which is why the painting is officially named “La Gioconda.” This is what she would look like in real life.

Henry VIII

Henry VIII is one of history’s most famous yet controversial monarchs, mostly because of the fact that he married six times and had two of his wives beheaded.

Shipley used machine learning to recreate Henry VIII based on this 480-year-old portrait painted in 1540 by Hans Holbein. The original painting is currently found in the Corsini Gallery in Rome.

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare has written some of the most celebrated plays in history, including classics such as Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and Othello.

Shipley recreated the English playwright using Artificial Intelligence based on John Taylor’s Chandos Portrait. "That is the only portrait of Shakespeare that has a good claim to have been painted from life," Shipley stated.

Benjamin Franklin

Not only has Shipley recreated paintings and cartoons, but he’s also brought to life images found in dollar bills!

Here’s a real-life version of the Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, based on the image featured in the 100-dollar bill. He’s basically a hippie, right?

Marie Antoinette

Unlike most of the paintings included in this list, this one is quite contemporary, as it was painted by Richard Covington in 2006.

Shipley used AI to recreate Covington’s representation of Napoleon’s wife. Wouldn’t Nicole Kidman make a great Marie Antoinette?

Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn was the first of Henry’s wives to be decapitated. Historians argue about what she really looked like, as the existing portraits vary widely.

While Anne is often represented as a gorgeous woman on TV, a Venetian diplomat once described her as “Not one of the most handsome women in the world.” Either way, this is what she might’ve looked like.

Miles Morales

Enough historical figures for now. Let’s switch to cartoons! Here’s an awesome, real-life version of Spider-Man’s character Miles Morales.

I know what you’re thinking: the hair looks more realistic in the cartoon! Despite that, it’s crazy how real that kid looks.


Elastigirl is the leading character of the Pixar film The Incredibles and whose superpower is to stretch up to 300 feet.

According to Shipley, this is what Elastigirl would look like. She gives off Jenna Coleman vibes, doesn’t she?

Miguel From Coco

Miguel, the main character from the 2017 Disney & Pixar film Coco, is one of the most loveable animated characters ever. Shipley decided to bring him to life… and he nailed it!

Miguel’s real-life version is just as adorable as his cartoon version. The artist missed the mole on his mouth, but other than that, they look just the same!

Diego Rivera

Diego Rivera is not only famous for having been Frida Kahlo’s lover but also for having made some of the world’s most iconic murals.

Shipley recreated one of Rivera’s self-portraits, and yes, he looks just like Steve Buscemi. There are actual photos of Rivera that we can compare with. If you google them, you’ll notice Shipley’s version isn’t so far off!

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo is probably the most iconic female artist in history. We bet all of you are familiar with her face, as she has pretty much become a global brand.

Frida is most famous for her self-portraits, and Shipley decided to bring one of them to life. For some reason, he decided to leave out her unibrow, but other than that, this computerized version looks just like her.

Ulysses Grant

Recreating an image from a dollar bill isn’t as simple as manipulating images from paintings. However, Shipley totally nailed it with Grant!

Even though his eyebrows could be brushier, both versions look exactly the same. Judging by his face, he looks like the typical old-fashioned uncle who disapproves of your decision to go to art school.

Mr. Incredible

Here is the real-life representation of one of the most popular superheroes ever: Mr. Incredible!

We know that the shape of his face is totally weird, and he sort of looks like Patrick from Spongebob, but leaving that aside, he looks just like the cartoon!

Rembrandt (Again!)

Shipley seems to have a thing with Rembrandt, as he’s made five different AI recreations of him. All of them are equally striking!

This recreation wasn’t based on a painting but a sketch. Even though he left off the mustache, the resemblance is uncanny.

Rembrandt (Yet Again!)

We promise this is the last Rembrandt recreation. This is another of the artist's many self-portraits, although this one was made in pen and brown ink.

This artwork isn’t as detailed as the previous ones, which made it harder for Shipley to transform it into a life-like face. However, he did a pretty good job.

Dash From The Incredibles

And we’re back with The Incredibles! Shipley brought all of the members of the Parr family to life, but the real-life version of Dash is our personal favorite.

For some reason, Shipley decided to leave off the freckles but leaving that aside, both faces are totally alike.

Queen Elizabeth (Young)

Queen Elizabeth was the second woman to ever rule England. This portrait of her was made in 1546 when the soon-to-be queen was only 13 years old.

Shipley’s real-life version doesn’t look like a teenager, but let’s be fair: she doesn’t seem 13 in the portrait, either!

Queen Elizabeth (Middle-Aged)

Here’s a middle-aged version of Queen Elizabeth based on the 1575 Darnley Portrait, which is currently held at London’s National Portrait Gallery.

Elizabeth was roughly 40 years old at the time of this portrait. Who do you think her real-life version looks like? Tilda Swinton, maybe

Queen Elizabeth (Old)

Last but not least, here’s what Queen Elizabeth would’ve looked like in her last years. Shipley’s real-life version is less wrinkly, but her mouth looks exactly the same!

According to the existing historical records, Elizabeth was left with some major scars all over her face after having had smallpox at the age of 29. However, the painter evidently decided to leave that out!

Edward VI

Edward VI was Henry VIII’s only boy, and he eventually became the third Tudor monarch to succeed him. He ruled England for only six years, from 1547 to 1553.

There are two things no one can deny: that Shipley’s real-life version looks just like the painting and that he looks just like Draco Malfoy.

Russell From Up!

Up! is one of the cutest yet most tragic Pixar films to ever be made. Shipley decided to create the real-life version of one of the movie’s two main characters, Russell.

For some reason, the character seems to have aged 20 years in Shipley’s version, but leaving that detail aside, both images are completely similar!

Mary Tudor

Mary Tudor — a.k.a. Bloody Mary — was Elizabeth’s older sister and the first female monarch to rule Britain. Did you know she received that nickname for burning Protestants at the stake.

True to her character, Mary looks totally intimidating in this famous portrait of hers. She looks even tougher in Shipley’s AI recreation!

Winston Deavor From The Incredibles

In case you haven’t recognized him at first sight, this is Winston Deavor, one of the secondary characters from The Incredibles 2.

To be honest, the artist sort of dropped the ball here, as the real-life version doesn’t look exactly like the cartoon, but it’s still cool!

Diego Rivera (Again!)

Here’s another of Diego Rivera’s famous self-portraits, the difference being that this one was made in pencil instead of oil on canvas.

The first conclusion we can draw is that both versions are absolutely identical. The second conclusion is that real-life Rivera looks exactly like a frog.

Lil Miqela

Lil Miquela is one of the world’s most successful Instagrammers, but curiously enough, she’s not even a real person!

This American CGI character was created by Trevor McFedries and Sara DeCou. Shipley’s real-life recreation is astonishing… and she totally looks like the vocalist of an indie band.


Together with Mozart, Beethoven is one of the most iconic classical artists of all time. How did he manage to make such great music in spite of his deafness?

When compared to the portrait, Shipley’s real-life version looks much less menacing but other than that, they look just the same. Which Hollywood actor do you think he looks like?

Henry VII

Here’s the most famous portrait of Henry VII, the founder of the House of Tudor and King of England until 1509.

We know what you’re thinking: Shipley’s real-life version of Henry VII looks just like Javier Bardem! Now we know who will be starring in Henry’s biopic!

George Washington

George Washington was the first US President, and he’s also the man featured in the 1-dollar bill. This is what he would look like if he came to life.

His hair should be curlier, and he seems to look 20 years younger in Shipley’s version, but despite that, both faces look pretty much the same.

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson is the president featured in the 20-dollar bill (everyone knew that, right?). Logically, there aren’t any photographs of him, but this is what he would look like in real life.

Even though the portrait on the $20 bill has bushier eyebrows, they’re basically identical. Also, Shipley’s AI version looks just like Jeffrey Epstein!