These Perfectly Timed Pics Will Make You Laugh

Butterfly Effect

Butterflies come in all sorts of striking colors, so it’s impossible not to want to photograph them. Wanna see a fascinating butterfly pic?

Not only did this butterfly land precisely in front of this woman’s eyes, but she also happens to feature two spots on her wings that look like eyes, producing a spellbinding optical illusion.

Signature Yawn

Luck struck twice in this person’s home. First of all, the owner took a perfectly timed picture of this yawning dog and had it beautifully framed. But that’s not all!

Eventually, the photographer captured the same dog yawning yet again… and right next to the picture he had framed!

Statue Of Thor

The Statue of Liberty is officially one of the ten most photographed landmarks in the US, and for good reason! This historical monument is outright breathtaking.

In this eerie picture, it seems as if the statue had the power of producing thunder with her torch as if she were Thor!

Real-Life Bojack

Are there any Bojack Horseman fans out there? Doesn’t it seem like a real-life version of the Netflix show’s iconic character?

The picture is funny as it is spooky because it almost seems as if the woman had no head. I wonder if she actually planned this or if it was sheer luck.


Newfoundland is a dog breed well known for helping Canadian fishermen catch fish, which is not a common trait in dogs. Apparently, Cocker Spaniels are exceptionally talented anglers, too!

This absurd picture shows a dog patiently watching her owner fish, but it seems as if the dog were the one doing all the fishing. As if this weren’t funny enough, their matching hair colors produce a captivating illusion.

One-Eyed Man And His Birdie

There’s no arguing with the fact that parrots are the world’s most entertaining pet. They’re friendly, playful, and above all, they’re professional mockers!

This birdie didn’t want to be left out of the selfie, and it got so close to the man’s face that it looks as if the parrot’s eye was actually the man’s! They’ve even got the same eye color.

Half-Dog, Half-Giraffe

You may not find anything strange with this picture if you just glance at it. It’s just an ordinary dog hiding beneath a trash can in a park.

Now, take a closer look and pay attention to the floating face above the trash can. Doesn’t it look as if the dog had a six-foot-long neck?

Dog With No Manners

Ever wondered why dogs love smelling each other’s bottoms? Some vets believe that it’s the only way they can determine whether they’ve already met each other before.

When this adorable pooch came across this dog drawn in chalk, he apparently wanted to prove whether it was the same one he had seen the previous time.

Fancy Hat

How cool is this guy? We can’t decide what we like the most about him: whether it’s his striped, multicolored shirt or his fancy top hat.

If you look twice, you’ll realize that the hat has actually been painted on the wall tiles. That probably explains its infimum size.

Dragon Retriever

This picture seems taken straight out of a Game of Thrones episode. It features a half-dog, half-dragon breathing fire from its mouth.

Obviously, the fire isn’t coming from the dog’s mouth but from the burning sticks, though it sure looks like it.

Monster Shark

It’s quite hard to tell what’s going on in the picture. At first sight, it looks like some deformed magical sea creature is peeping out of the water.

However, if you take a closer look, you’ll realize it’s a picture of a shark just half an inch before reaching the surface of the sea.

Shot By A Hose

This hilarious picture shows a group of kids pointing a marine hose towards who’s probably their father.

When they turned on the faucet, the water came out with such force that the poor man was thrown straight into the ocean.

Fish Selfie

Here’s another picture that reminds us of Bojack Horseman. This man was snorkeling in crystal-clear waters when he was suddenly met by a shoal of colorful fish.

The guy asked to have a picture taken, but one of the fish decided to steal the spotlight by standing right in front of him, thus covering his entire face.

Romantic Kitties

These two dashing amber cats seem to be auditioning for the feline version of Lady and the Tramp.

Right when the picture was taken, their tails happened to be forming the shape of a heart. Isn’t that romantic?


Aquaman may well be the greatest superhero ever. After all, what’s cooler than running on water?

This dog has no reason to envy Aquaman, as he seems to be effortlessly sprinting across the pool.


Remember the classic Nickelodeon animated show Catdog? Well, this cat is a real-life reincarnation of the iconic cartoon.

Here’s what’s really going on: two kitties are playing with their aluminum tunnel, and while one cat’s head is peeping out of the tunnel, the other one’s tail is popping out the opposite end.

Dog Shot In The Face

It’s hard to know whether to laugh out loud or to feel sorry for the poor little pooch. A bit of both, probably.

This is a perfectly-timed picture for two reasons. Firstly, the photo was taken a fraction of a second before the ball smacked the dog in the face. But most importantly, look at the terrified look on his face!

Yawning Soldier

It’s common knowledge that soldiers are meant to be obedient and disciplined. As always, there are a few exceptions to the rule.

Among this crowd of solemn servicemen, one of the men couldn’t hold in his yawn, totally spoiling the picture. Let’s hope he didn’t get sacked!

The Man Who Controls Water

This cool picture shows a man plunging headfirst into the water against a backdrop of towering mountains.

The photo was taken just when the man was about to reach the surface of the lake, so it seems as if he were standing on his hands on the water.


This absurd picture shows a person snorkeling in the sea, surrounded by a few fish. But there’s something strange about it.

If you think about it, it looks as if the fish were the one taking the selfie — or should we say, taking the selfish?

Ready For Dinner

It’s amazing how wildlife photographers manage to get so close to animals without scaring them away.

Here’s a picture of Ciconiidae –a type of bird– moments before catching a fish. We can’t help but feel sorry for the terrified look on that fish’s face.

Bubble Trouble

Did you know that the world’s largest soap bubble was over 150 feet wide? To be honest, the bubble in the picture wasn’t too far off.

The picture features a young girl reaching out her hand, fearful at the thought of the giant bubble exploding all over her face. That’s probably what happened in the end.

Baby Stork

It’s common for parents to tell their 4-year-olds that babies are delivered by storks. Apparently, in some cases, this is true!

It really seems as though the stork were dropping off that baby straight into the hands of her mom.

Unconventional Ponytail

This young boy is totally concentrated on his football match. I’m sure he rocks at football… but his hairstyle choice is quite questionable, to say the least.

His short hair doesn’t seem to go along with such a long, wavy ponytail, but if you look twice, you’ll realize the ponytail belongs to a girl camouflaged behind him.

Second Before Tragedy

If you take a quick glance at this picture, you may not notice anything odd. It’s just a handsome young man showing off his tan and his muscles.

But if you look again, you’ll realize there’s a woman in the background who’s on the verge of falling straight into the pool. She seems to be laughing casually, suggesting she still hasn’t realized her fate.

Tragic Picture

Unlike most of the previous pictures, this one is not an optical illusion: the biker is, in fact, smashing his head against the light post.

What makes it so bizarre is that the man in jeans doesn’t seem to notice –or to care about– the accident.

Cola Attack

These poor kids have been the innocent victims of a major soda explosion, probably because they shook the bottle right before opening it.

Now, try covering the bottle with your hand. Doesn’t it look like the kids were getting attacked by a raw turkey?

Boy Eaten By Jellyfish

Here’s a terrifying picture of a little boy being swallowed by a translucent jellyfish. Oh no, wait…

What probably happened is that someone poured a bucket of water over the kid’s face and miraculously captured the moment at the right time.

Pervert Monkey

There’s nothing more soothing than feeling a breeze of fresh brushing your cheeks on a cool summer day.

The woman must’ve been feeling so relaxed as the wind ruffled her hair that she probably never noticed there was a pervert right next to her peeping under her skirt. That’s one creepy monkey.

Crashing Waves

We all love the sense of thrill that rushes through your body that split second before a wave crashes over you. But what are the odds of capturing it in an image?

This picture shows a girl doing a yoga pose just when the wave is about to break. Sure, call her lucky… but can you imagine how much water she probably swallowed?