Associated Content Prayer Circle of Hope For Shannon, And Jenny's Father

911 email to my inbox came this evening from a dear friend and fellow contributor. Her name is Shannon Farlouis. This is the message she sent me. She ask me to pray for her father. I thought; why not ask all of Associated Content to pray for him. Prayer is powerful, even more so in great numbers. Let us all pray together for Shannon’s father.

Lord, Shannon loves her father, and is concerned about him. She knows the power of prayer, that’s why she ask me to also pray for him. Lord, you are his great physician. Make him well soon. Let the power of your healing touch revive his weakened spirit. In Jesus name Amen.

This is the email message she sent me.

Bad day today, my daddy was admitted to the hospital and they placed him in the intensive care unit, he already has emphysema and today they diagnosed him with pneumonia. He was placed on oxygen mask, iv’s, antibiotic, pain medication, he was coughing up blood. I left out some of the message due to respecting her privacy. My friend called out for help, and this is the only way I could do that.

Keep praying for my father as well. He’s going to the doctor again tomorrow, and having a breathing test done later on this week. He couldn’t even sleep unless he was sitting in a chair. Both these great men need our powerful prayers. After praying for Shannon’s father please add another one for my father. Our fathers mean the world to us. We both need a lot of help from our family of friends here at Associated Content.

God bless you all for your support and loving prayers. God will bless you double fold for there’s no doubt. Love you all