Asus Nx90Jq – One of The Most Contemporary Laptop Ever Made?


In 1998, Apple was on the brink of bankruptcy when Steve Jobs returned to the helm and introduced a seemingly simple idea to the world: market computers that were beautifully designed, slick and sexy.

Supporters of the PC laughed, but Apple’s strategy worked and the company has chomped away market share ever since. Charging a premium for its designed computers, Apple is 3 times more profitable than its competitors.

Apple’s iMac and Macbooks may be the slickest looking computers on the block and all that PC manufacturers are doing is playing catch up, but the new lap top computer from ASUS is a genuine attempt to fight Apple at its own turf.

Consumers will be pleasantly surprised by the luxurious notebook.The ASUS NX90jq is a gorgeous piece of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology seamlessly blended together. The computer was designed by award winning designer David Lewis, making the computer a study in sublime contrasts including a polished aluminium exterior, matte-black keyboard and dual touch pads.

For a concert-class audio experience, ASUS consulted ultra-premium hi-fi veterans Bang&Olufsen for the built-in speakers. The 18.4″ screen looks more like a high-end LED flat screen.

If you are considering a contemporary note book this year, the NX90jq will give Apple a run for the money, and you will have access to all of the software compatible with Windows.

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