Autumn Leaves


The trees in my garden are precious. They provide blossom and leaf, beautiful fruit and spectacular flowers. The display lasts long into the warm nights of summer. The canopy gives us shade from the burning sun. The fruit gives us pies and the wood provides logs for the winter.

But come the fall and the leaves give way to lonely wood. A bare reminder of the summer excess. And yet, the leaves are loved and put to rest as precious friends. Each one gathered up in the arms of the gardener and taken to the corner of the garden. And now the gardener turns poet:

You graced the stage
Brought colour
To the play
Costume changes
That matched the season

You spoke with warmth
Under hot lights
In cool shadows
Working on
Into the night

You fell like the curtain
When your part
Was played
To be swept away
By careful hands

When the Autumn Leaves fall there is a latent sign, a moment when death is overtaken by new life. The moment when death and cold is at its peak, life is at its earliest birth. The buds appear, the life pushes through from the grip of death and the cycle starts its new revolution. The stage is set for the new production. Spring breaks just as Autumn leaves. The new production begins its run and the poet turns again to blank paper for inspiration.

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