Avoid Staining When Pregnant!


Various models have been adapted for pregnant women, so what can you use when pregnant. But not so for the hair coloring business. The use of hair dye thought to be bad for the fetus that was conceived, such research results as reported in Time.

The study, conducted in 2005 with sponsored by the National Institutes of Health is finding link between hair dye use in pregnant women either before or during their pregnancy. Research results found no association between hair dye use with increased risk of a conceived fetus exposed to neuroblastoma, a type of cancer in children.

Researchers still do not know why the paint color is associated with cancer, and need to learn more. Meanwhile, more temporary paint to increase the risk of cancer when compared to temporary staining. This is due to temporary staining, can occur more than once coloring, if not very often done so that the possibility of accumulating a larger.

In the journal American Family Physician, this study suggests to avoid the hair coloring process early in pregnancy. Although the American Pregnancy Association says that hair coloring should not be dangerous because the amount of contact with the mother’s skin is very small.