Avoid Swallow Your Pills With The Following…

You may be tempted to take your daily pills with sip of juice, coffee, even a beer. But that’s not the right way of taking medicines. Here I explain why water is a safer bet to take pills.

Grape Fruit Juice:

It has the tendency to inhibit enzymes that help metabolize certain pills, including some heart drugs, anti depressants and anti fungal. This will finally end up with minimum effect or no effect. Some even results in worsen side effects.

Coffee, Tea, Cola:

Consuming caffeine regularly while using certain asthma drugs may increase side effects. Caffeine can irritate the stomach, so avoid with non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs Such as aspirin or ibuprofen.


It’s widely believed that calcium has the tendency to prevent absorption of some antibiotics. Calcium is also rich in many sources. and found its use vastly in medicine.


You risk liver damage if you drink regularly and use paracetamol. Alcohol can diminish the effects of anti depressants and worsen side effects of other drugs.

Fiber Drinks:

Fiber, from unstained fruit or vegetable juices, can bind with many drugs and decrease their effectiveness.


Experts recommend you drink up to two liters of Fluid a day and more in hot weather or if you have a temperature. It’s particularly important to drink fluid with meals. Drink a little before exercising and plenty afterwards.

Of course, it’s easy to forget- especially since thirst is not a reliable gauge of dehydration