Avoiding the Paperwork headache when changing your maiden name to your married name after marriage

So you’ve taken the big plunge, tied the knot, and now you just need to finish up things by changing your name, getting your new social security card, changing your name on all of your credit card accounts, and your checking account.  And don’t forget your savings accounts, cable or satellite service accounts, phone account, cell phone account… my goodness the list seems to just go on and on and on.  How will you ever fill out all of that paperwork.  This could take WEEKS!  Well, not so fast.  Don’t worry.  There is a company who has simplified this entire process.  To start off with, you’ll need to visit the website (Click Here).  You’ll be done in just three (3) simple steps. 

First, you’ll need to take the time to answer some standard quesions. Be thorough and be certain to answer the questions correctly. 

Now for the fun part – Just sit back and relax.  This seemingly magic website will do its work and use your answers to correctly fill out all of the necessary paperwork for you.

Now, make certain that your printer is powered up and hooked up to your computer.  Just click on the button and all of those dreadful forms will appear, pre-filled out!!

The address for each set of papers will print as well.  Now just get them mailed (don’t forget the postage!) and guess what – you’re done!