Away We Go Film Review


Burt and Verona are a happy couple and are expecting a baby. They have moved house to be closer to Burt’s parents and are very shocked to learn that they are moving away and so will not be around to share their baby joy. This hits Verona hard as she lost her parents over 10 years ago and looks at Burt’s more as her own. The couple decide that it is now time for them to move and find a place they can both be happy and bring up their baby.

They set out a schedule which sees them taking in lots of different places along the way where they have friends and family living to try and find their new perfect home. Just can Burt and Verona find their perfect home before their baby is born or have they already found it?

I knew nothing about this film before sitting down to watch it and the short synopsis on the TV made it sound rather good and it was supposed to be a slight comedy. Both me and hubby felt it was one of the worst films we have seen in quite some time. There was no real story and the bit we did have was very boring and slow and for me the acting was not good. We did both feel like turning the film off half way through but we did carry on to the end despite me having already worked out how it was gong to end.

The role of Verona was played by Maya Rudolph and see was not too bad. She came across as slightly insecure about becoming a Mother and wanted some security in her life. When we met her sister I managed to learn a little more about her but this was only a small amount and really did not help me try and build up a picture of her to be able to understand her more. There was no chemistry between her character and that of Burt and they were supposed to be madly in love but this did not seem so when on screen together. They were slightly wooden together and there was no connection, they also looked very much like an odd couple. Burt was played by John Krasinski and he was even worse than Verona. He seemed to not know what he was trying to be and he came across as very awkward and wooden with his lines. He would put on a fake voice when on the telephone and this was very annoying. I found he would try overly hard to be funny in places and it just felt very uncomfortable to watch.

The support actors were much better than the two leads and some of the better performance came from Carmen Ejogo, Catherine O’Hara, Jeff Daniels and Allison Janney. They seemed more at ease with their lines and did make for a few laughs.


One good point about the film was the fact that they were travelling around America so we did get a few wonderful views and for me they were the best part of the film. There was no main setting for the film but we got to see a few different ways of life through the film and the different parts of the country were shown in a good and very different light. We had the hustle and bustle of the busy city and then we would move to the country and I enjoy this aspect of the film. The sets were all good and looked great and so to were the costumes and the props. The music was not at all memorable but this no surprise as the film fell into the same category.

This is supposed to be a light hearted comedy but it was neither. There was one time during the film where I did laugh and this was only because one of the characters fell over when trying the pose and be cool but it was more daft than funny but t did take me by surprise. There were some good one liners from he support actors but none of them were memorable and I would certainly not class this as a funny film. There were a few times when I thought the story got a little heavy with what was being talked about as it was not done in a natural way between the actors and for me it did make for some hard viewing.

As this is a film only review there are no bonus features to speak about. The running time of the film is 98 minutes and this was quite long enough. The rate is a 15 and I do agree with this. The DVD can be bought but I would not advise people wasting money on it, It is currently being shown on Sky movies.

I was very disappointed by this film, the lack of interesting story and the poor and wooden acting means I can only give this film 1 star. I cannot recommend it so do not waste you money on the DVD, if you still wish to see this then wait to catch it on Sky movies or when it comes on the television.