Baby Health Care

If you are expecting your first baby then your life is going to change in so many ways. Planning ahead will help you easy into your new life.

If you are expecting a baby do you know whether it will be a boy or a girl? If you can work out when baby was conceived  may be able to tell you! It’s a bit of fun – or is it? Both our kids turned out as predicted, and when we try it on friends they score well above the 50% correct that you would expect.

After Born illnesses you should know about, and tips on making life easier for you and your pride and joy. There are tips too on working from home. You don’t need telling that having a baby is expensive, especially the first one  so spend your money wisely. Many Mums contribute to the family budget by working at home while their baby is young , we tell you what works and the things that don’t. There’s also help with choosing a baby name and name meanings – choosing a name for your baby is one of the most important things you will do for your baby other than giving her life itself.

Some Speacial care :Start your baby on Omega-3 fish oils, not by mouth  snip the end off the capsule and rub the oil gently into the thick skin on the inside of the ankles. It will be fully absorped and go straight into the bloodstream. Apply at night after bathtime.

Sleep Schedules :Having read a lot of what the experts and parents have written and suggested, it’s painfully obvious that one size definitely does not fit all. Setting a schedule does not work for us.When my baby is sent to bed at 8:30PM, he is almost always up until 10 or later. Baby twists and turns and finds every conceivable reason why he cannot fall asleep. Baby claims that sleep is boring and stupid, or that he doesn’t want to miss anything. Reading to him or telling stories doesn’t work. Baby likes it, but it certainly doesn’t help him fall asleep. Periodically, telling him that we have something to do before returning to spend more time with him works.

Considering that most newborns will sleep 18-20 hours a day, this is the most important thing to prepare. But you don’t necessarily have to worry about a crib at this point. All you need is ia small portable sleeping solution, like a bassinet that you can park next to your bed for the first few weeks. You’ll be feeding every few hours at night anyway, so just keep the baby by your bedside until he or she starts sleeping for longer periods of time. That’s when you’ll need to set up the crib in the nursery.

facing this problem : a child who refuses to sleep at night. So I went online seeking help since I know that a six-year old needs his rest. What I found was more than I expected, as I realized that lots of other parents are facing or have faced this very same problem. My self-proclaimed nocturnal child was not alone; there actually were lots of others like him.

A Place to Be Changed: Newborns only do three things for the first few weeks: eat, sleep, and poo. Having a designated changing area is important to keep your baby clean and happy—as well as keep your house clean and tidy. You can put the changing table in the baby’s room next to the crib (If you have purchased one already). Make sure you stock it with diapers, wipes powder, diaper rash cream, and either plastic bags to put the messy diapers in or a diaper pail.

A Placeto Eat :Your baby won’t be eating out of a highchair for a long time, so it’s important that you create a comfortable place to feed your baby. A soft recliner or rocker in the baby’s room is great for daytime feedings, and nighttime feedings can be done right in your own bed. Moms: You’ll be spending a lot of time in this place for the first few months, so make sure it’s comfortable, useful, and pleasant. There is nothing worse than sitting in the same uncomfortable chair 5 times a day to feed your baby.

Give Presents From the Baby : Have the baby give a present to each older sibling when they first come to visit. Buy this in advance, wrap it and store it in your “hospital suitcase”. When your kids arrive, tell them that the baby is so excited to meet them that he/she has a special gift for them. You’ll be amazed at how quickly feelings of jealousy or insecurity are replaced by feelings of acceptance and excitement when receiving a new toy, especially when the gift giver is the baby!

Involve & Reward Them : Give the sibling a job and reward them with effusive praise for a job well done! Your Baby like to help diaper the baby so they were runners to fetch a new diaper and wipes. Turns out that we humans are motivated less by money than by “non-monetary recognition” in the work place. We just want to feel appreciated for our effort and for a job well done. Kids are no different! Other tasks could be fetching the already prepared bottle, entertaining the baby with “peek-a-boo”, or telling mommy when the baby is up. As a new mom, You were exhausted so you should use all the help , get and your kids were surprisingly helpful, at least some of the time!