Baby on a budget

Planning the minute you find out that you are pregnant. Better yet, plan beforehand!! Babies don’t have to cost a ton,unless you let it.

Buy used when possible-Although there are a few select things that you must buy new, you can buy a majority of the items you will need used.  You can buy clothing,shoes,furniture(with caution),toys,bibs,mobiles,towels,burp clothes,bathtubs etc. When to Beware of used items? when buying used carseats,breastpumps,baby beds,small parts for toys,used clothing for loose buttons or snaps. Afterall a baby won’t care if he is wearing the latest baby gap trends and how often will you be able to go out with the baby in the first months?Besides,babies won’t neccessarily need shoes untilt hey are walking anyways. I reccomend the store “Once upon a child” if you have oen in your area. They sell used items in very good condition.

Buy Cloth Diapers- On the positive side it is etter for the enviroment and your babies private parts! Personally i couldn’t do it, i could of seen doing it myself later on when she doesn’t need to be changed as often,but at first you will be lucky if you get the time to do the laundry. The “all in one” cloth diapers are probably your easiest bet.

Invest and Save– what money in savings that you do have,that you can afford to do without for a little while, you may as well invest it in a non risky place ( GIC,Term deposits,TFSA etc.) Make sure that you can afford to do without the money though or else you will just end up loseing more.Also remember not to put it into anything risky,afterall this is a little life you are gambling with!  Depending how much you invest, you may be able to accumulate even just a little bit that can buy you the neccessities such as diapers. Every penny adds up!

Buy Before Baby Arrives- Make a list of everything you need to have. There are even some lists online that you can print off, however some of them varied from what i wanted so you could also just make your own list. Buy a little at a time,whatever you can afford. One month it could be as simple as bottles and diapers,the next could be a stroller,blankets and clothes. I reccomend to spend slowly,in moderation for you never know what baby items will be handed over to you in the coming months.

Breast Is Best- It may seem like a ton of work at first, however in the end it is all worth it. Breastmilk should be the main part of your babies diet for atleast the first few weeks of life. Breast is best! Why else would our bodies be able to produce milk if it wasn’t meant as a source of nutrition? It also means a lot less spit up/puke. It will also fight off flu and cold bugs,something you don’t want to have to deal with in a fragile baby. I only recall maybe 1 or 2 common colds in my daughter who was breastfed for beyond the first year.Which means less money on formula,burp cloths and cold/flu medicines! Why trust what other people manufacture when your body produces the perfect source of nutrition? It least you know what goes into your body.Formula will probably be the biggest pain in the behind expense that you will have

Plan a Baby shower– You would be surprised how many gifts you actually get. I didn’t even have to buy my daughter clothes for the entire first year. Although i did because there were too many cute ones that i couldn’t resist. By the time the baby arrived,everything on my “needs and wants” list was crossed off and i wasn’t even thrown a baby shower. However you do tend to get more for your first baby then future ones.

Hold off on buying toys- For the first year of life babies don’t normally play with toys too much. When they are older and learn to cruise and crawl,they would rather get into pots and pans then play with a rattle. A few toys would be handy to have around,but i wouldn’t go overboard at first.

Make your own baby food- When baby is ready to start solids,try investing in a food processor and mashing up your own food for baby. You will have to look up how to do it,but well worth it. Gerber and other baby food brands are quite expensive. Cheaper yet you can try to grow your own fruits and veges and then make it into baby food.