Bad Beauty Trends

1. Extreme Fake Tans/Too much bronzer

With heightened awareness of skin cancer risks, many people are using spray tan, self tanner, or bronzer to gain a little bit of color.  Now that can be a good thing, a little color can look healthy.  However, it looks ridiculous when someone takes it to the extreme.  When used in excess, many self tanners leave users looking streaky, orange, or just strange looking in general.  Women are not the only guilty parties, men partake too.  Watch some Jersey Shore for a good look at that.  The key to using these products successfully is to remember you’re trying for a subtle glow, not oompa loompa face.  Always use these products sparingly.

2. Too much blush

In the 80s, wearing war paint like streaks of bold blush was popular for some reason.  A lot of ladies are guilty of having done this at some point.  And some ladies are still guilty of doing this today.  Blush can add to your appearance, used sparingly and in an appropriate color.  Blush can also seriously detract from your appearance if it looks like you applied it with a paint roller.  Blush should be used sparingly, remember you can always build to a more intense color if needed, but for the most part, a well blended subtle wash of color is what you’re working towards.

3. Too pale lips

Bold lips, done well, look good on some people, so though it’s a trend that comes and goes, I don’t consider it a bad trend.  I also don’t think nude or light colored lips in general is a bad trend. What I do think is a bad look is when someone takes the nude lip to an extreme. When it looks like you’ve applied concealer or chalk to your lips, you’ve taken it too far.  No one looks good when they look like they don’t have lips.  People may disagree with me on this, but lips look better with some color, whether it’s your natural color, or lipstick darker than your natural color.  Steer clear of lipsticks that wash your lips out.

4. Extreme False Lashes

There’s an appropriate time and place for crazy lashes.  Halloween, drag shows, themed parties, you get the idea.  So I’m not saying never wear them.  I’m saying wear them appropriately.  Don’t wear your electric blue three inch long feathered lashes for your job at the front desk of the Comfort Inn. If you feel that you must wear false lashes, invest in some natural looking lashes for daily use, while saving the crazy ones for the club.