Be Careful Giving Colored Pencils to Kids

I have the experience of being a mom for around six and a half years and there are a few things which I would have preferred to known before I started. I enjoyed working on crafts from the time I was a child, and I ensured that my child has plenty of good art supplies which he can use when he wants to be creative. What I was not aware of was that it would have been better if I was cautious about where I stored the things and what was allowed to him to use. Crayons and markers are regular and it would have been better if I had emphasized more on colored pencils for some good reasons.

The main reason why I wish I had bought more colored pencils is that it is not possible to write with it on the skin. It is true that contemporary markers are designed for children and don’t have a damaging effect when used on the skin, but I am not happy with the idea of writing on the skin. Children try to write with colored pencils on their skin, but they are not able to go too far with that. They just get a few marks, but typically nothing really much happens.

There is another advantage of colored pencils as compared to markers or crayons are that it is quite easy to remove it from the wall.  You will get a big shock if you think that children don’t get an opportunity or don’t want to scribble on the walls. I believed that my son was very much in check regarding this, but I was completely wrong.  If he had color pencils with him, I am sure there would have been minimal damage as the writing would have come out with the Magic Eraser, but this is not possible with the crayons and markers and crayons. In fact you may just have to get a costly paint job done. 

It is true that few kids believe that colored pencils are not as thrilling as crayons, but they are available in a large selection of colors, and do most coloring jobs very well. In fact if kids see you making use of them they may also follow suit. Kids will have the crayons and the markers but you will have to keep them in a safer place. It is best not to give small children due to safety reasons, and bigger children can use them in their room. Keep plenty of colored pencils in their art desk and you will also stay happier for that.