Beads And Gemstones as Popular Choice For Jewelry Making

Ornaments made from gemstones and beads have always fascinated mankind as they enhance the beauty and elegance of the women besides making their subtle impact on the personality of the users. Garnets are hard, dense silicate minerals which occur as cubical crystals with highly variable chemical composition. They may be either colorless or black or they may be red or green depending upon their chemical composition. They are quite hard and resistant to weathering and have high refractive indices which make them ideally suitable for making ornaments and as abrasives.

It is commonly believed that Garnet beads bring success in business ventures and increases the self-esteem and confidence of the wearer. They come in many different shapes and sizes such as shape of coin, tear-drop, smooth diamond, rectangular, triangular and cylindrical. Red garnet beads symbolize love purity and compassion. Green garnet beads which symbolize sensitivity and consciousness are believed to increase self-empowerment and self-awareness of the user. As this is a rare gemstone hence it is most expensive among all garnets.

Rainbow moonstone beads also known as happiness stones, is believed to enhance the emotional stability of the user. It brings about a yogic calmness and also has some healing properties and is believed to improve the digestive system, liver and pancreatic ailments. Moonstone beads also come in various colors such as white, pink, gray and other natural colors and in different shapes and sizes such as the shape of rice, coin, tear-drop, oval, briolette etc.

Blue sapphire beads or ‘neelam’ known for their spiritual and healing properties are commonly used in many forms such as earrings, rings, necklace and pendants. However to get the astrological benefits it is commonly suggested to be worn in form of rings or pendants. These stones may provide spiritual enlightenment and inner peace to the user besides helping them to cure rheumatism, colic, and mental illness. Blue sapphire beads are basically compounds of aluminum and oxygen with slight tinge of cobalt in them which gives it the blue color. They come in various shapes and sizes such as flat tear-drop and pear shape.    

Turquoise gemstone beads are blue colored beads with dark gray matrix through it. These are very popular among the jewelry makers. It is the birthstone of the ‘Sagittarius’ and is believed to absorb the negativity spread around the user. Turquoise gemstone beads help us in getting mental peace and serenity and enhance self-control. These stones are believed to promote wealth and status to the users. They come in various shapes and sizes as round smooth, pear shaped, oval in form of nuggets etc. 

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