Beautiful Skin With Your Food Original Consumes Jus Tempe Indonesia

When You Hear TEMPE, may already be familiar to you, As TEMPE is a Typical Foods INDONESIA, a highly nutritious and very tasty, all people really like tempeh, tempeh any cooked food can be delicious.

But Have You Ever Heard TEMPE juice?

Of course you are interested in reading my writing this, but I guarantee you’re not too keen to try it, because my reading it would not be as attractive as you can imagine,

TEMPE JUS usefulness …. It was not as good as

Yes, if we talk Tempe in juice what is the process? The process is already in the steamed tempeh cut in squares and in the blender and mix in enough water, as we all know Tempe is made from soy and the yeast mixture, so tempeh is a fermented soy.

Now We’re talking raw material itself is Soybean tempeh, soy content in a content that has very high nutritional value that is in need of our body, mineral content, phosphorus, and protein and carbohydrate and Minerals Magnesium Potassium also makes Soybeans are the KING FOOD, yet the content of isoflavonoids and soy protein are contained in the essential amino acids arginine and glycine can stabilize glukogen excretion so as to suppress the hormone insulin which is known not to increase as the Cause of Diabetes.

Soybeans can also prevent the occurrence of some diseases such as obesity, kidney, hypertension and other diseases. Speaking of soy will not be endless praise for his lead, although there are also few drawbacks such as high content of estrogen in tempe that if the excessive consumption by men is also not very good.

Then why Tempe is very good for skin? Tempeh nutritional antioxidants may increase the total blood. Also reduce levels of 8-hydroxy-2-deoksiguansin urine and reduce damage to skin tissue irradiated ultraviolet rays and also the levels of estrogen and high isoflavones may moisturize our skin, SO TEMPE DAILY CONSUMPTION is great for your skin.


With that in the present juices FRESH Tempe with a little honey or COCOA (to taste wangur slightly reduced) will produce processed juice from Tempe who is no need to fry, in addition to cooking will cause the tempe has a high saturated fat, less necessary to require efficacy Cut the tempeh over 6-10, Tempe Can you eat 10 at once? That is why we are more TEMPE FOR SKIN JUS Choosing a healthier without the saturated fat content as refined cooking.

No harm in trying so TEMPE juice for your SKIN, Start Now also the habit of drinking juice TEMPE to Avoid dangerous diseases and also of course GIFT SKIN sleek and clean, With Trying JUS TEMPE in 2minggu There will be significant changes to the skin and your health, shsssttttt THE PASSION HE can add in Bed