Beauty of Malacca, Malaysia

Malacca, one of the famous tourism destination due to its historical story. Malacca was a well known enter-port in 1960’s century due to its strategic location for ships from whole around the world to stop by and also it is a place where the dishes aroma are produced.

Malacca now is known as the red town in Asia due to its buildings which painted in red colour. It is not a very big or advance town, but it is definitely a beautiful town. The main attraction of Malacca comes from its historical building, the A’Famosa fortress. Besides that, Malacca also full of other attractions, such as flowery tricycle and snake performance.

Malacca is like a forgotten town, where a lot of things are remained as it was since centuries ago. Old types of tools, such as machines or vehicles are kept as items of reviewing the historical age.  Besides that, Malacca got produces a lot of nice cookies and hand-made souvenirs, and it is imported to the other states of Malaysia for sell as well.

Although Malacca is not so big in the area, but it does have proper facility and it is worth to go for a tour. And one thing I still remember is that I tasted the nicest cake in Malaysia at Malacca’s Nadeja café.