Beauty Secrets From The Inside – Out

There are so many wonderful beauty products on the market today, and I for one have tried most of them.   But did you know that you can save money by using everyday items found in your kitchen? 

Lately, I have added these items from my kitchen to my beauty regiment…I smell and look delicious (LOL). My mother knew these secrets all the times.Mothers are so smart. They even get smarter as their children gets older. My mother loves to keep her beauty products natural and simple.At eighty-three years of age, her skin is flawless.

Here are some of my kitchens to the bathroom products:

1.Sea Salt – My family started using sea salt, because it was better for our health…said the Doctor. What I didn’t know then, but now… it is also a good exfoliation for the face, hands and feet.I use olive oil or baby oil to help spread the sea salt onto my skin.  Note: Always go easier on the face.

2.Coconut Oil – While shopping for vitamins, I was admiring the beautiful complexion of the lady in the health food store.She told me that coconut oil added radiant to her skin. So true, it helps me with dryness and I love the smell.

3.Olive Oil – Olive oil has to be God’s gift to the earth. I love using olive oil to pop my popcorn (and in the same breath), to remove my makeup.  Was that too much information?  But olive oil helps my skin look and feel softer.

4.Oatmeal – I not only love oatmeal for breakfast, I also love it on my face. Leave it on your face as a mask for 5 minutes (more or less), and it will leave your face soft and kissable.

5.Mayonnaise – It works in the potato salad, it also works on the hair.Personally, my hair feels stronger from the mayonnaise conditioning.

6.Lemon Juice – If only I had used lemon juice on my elbows and knees when I was younger…better late than never. I use lemon juice on the dark spots.

7.Cucumber – Good in the tossed salad and good on the eyes. Cucumber helps not only puffy eyes, but computer (tried) eyes too.

      These are my beauty secrets from the kitchen.  What are yours?  I would love to know what you are using.Please share your natural beauty secrets, and with more inputs we can add to the list. 

      Stay beautiful inside and out.