Begin Health And Fitness Program At A Slower Pace


The main factor is to begin slowly. If you start the health and fitness program on a low pace, you will be able to keep it until you get used to it.

When you begin the fitness program, do not jump in it with all your efforts. Do not take long strides when you begin. This is even more important if you will do everything on your own. If you want to begin jogging, do not begin by jogging one hour, you can begin by jogging only 10 minutes each day until you become comfortable with it. If you have not been exercising all this while, you will need to build stamina slowly. You will be able to exert yourself as your stamina increases. However, if you take the long strides right from the beginning then you will give up because you will feel too exhausted right from the beginning.

This is the same with the diet. It will not be possible to give up all your favorite foods at once. This will make you depressed and you may end up leaving the program altogether. Depression is also detrimental to the weight loss program you have chosen. This is because it releases the cortisol hormone also called the stress hormone. This will make you weak mentally and you will be more vulnerable. You will be more likely to give up your program sooner because of this hormone.

You have to begin by giving up some of the unhealthy foods and you will be able to make a new schedule slowly, you can take a week or more to do this. Even if you may choose to be on a strict diet, you should take your favorite meal at least once every week so that you will not feel too stressed out. You will always be looking for the time for that special meal.

This is just like what should be done when someone wants to give up smoking. He should work by reducing slowly. They begin by cutting down cigarettes that they take each day. As they reduce their extent of smoking, they will be able to leave smoking altogether.

Therefore, it is not healthy to begin drastically on a long term health and fitness plan at once. You have to take your time and increase what you are doing now. Doing this you will be ensuring long term benefits.