Being a carer is:

Being a carer is:

What you find yourself being, but not what you would have chosen to be,

A job you would never choose to do and hopefully will never do again.

but you wouldn’t change it

Where your plans stop dead, or indefinitely on hold. Where tiredness is the norm, but you still don’t stop.

You can’t, you wouldn’t, you Love

When the one you love says “will you please…..”. However tired, in pain, Shattered to the point of tears.

However low, you go

However hard not to show the fear when you hear what is to become of them. You take deep breaths, stay strong.

Then cry all the way home

When you feel proud that you’ve just remembered everything. And you have successfully juggled caring, children, husband and home, and everyone needs a piece of you until there isn’t a piece left for you to own.

Just goodnight , I’m tired, I need a little time alone

Being a carer is when you desperately need a holiday, but don’t want to go and leave them. And when you do get there.

You just sleep

It’s a complicated world, Fear, hope, Frustration, Tiredness, Tears, Laughs and smiles. Would I do it all again to help her and love her?

Without a doubt  I WOULD