Benefits of Therapeutic Boarding School For Troubled Teens in Illinois

For parents of a troubled teen searching for a boarding school in Chicago areas and in the entire state of Illinois, the decision to send your troubled teen to a boarding school is undeniably agonizing. As a parent of a struggling teen, you fear “turning your back” on your child, you don’t want to “admit defeat,” and you may even hate to admit that there is “a problem” in your household. You don’t want your at risk teen to despise you for removing him or her from friends, temptations, drug sources, or other negative elements. Yet, deep down, you know you need to step up to the plate and start being a parent, not a friend. Hopefully after reading this article, you will begin to feel better about choosing a therapeutic teen program as the solution to your situation.

Give Your Child Structure

It can be impossible for a troubled teen to learn at school if drugs, gangs or a never-ending spree of delinquency is involved. Most schools are too big and understaffed to deal with teens who continually buck the system. A teen boot camp is nothing like drill sergeants barking orders, but rather, a safe environment isolated from peers and stress factors that may have exacerbated negative behavior.

Build Character

In this new environment, the troubled teen can be free from reputation and his or her past. Positive behavior is rewarded with special privileges and praise, while negative behavior is discouraged.


Class work includes English, Math, Art, Science, Phys Ed, Vocational Studies, Health and Social Sciences. This well-rounded curriculum will help teens find their hidden talents and explore their interests, while also getting a taste of everything a top-notch school has to offer.

Provide Experience

Students who are on their best behavior will enjoy rewards like sports activities, barbeques, audio-video production courses, dances, American Gladiator competitions, boating excursions and other fun events. Graduates often enjoy a cross-country tour of national treasures like; Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone National Park, Lava Hot Springs, Zion’s National Park, the Las Vegas strip, and California beaches.

Expand Support Network.

You’ll receive parenting tips from our experienced staff members to help you be a more supportive parent at home. It’s not that parents don’t want to offer their assistance, it’s that they aren’t trained in the best techniques for dealing with problem teens and they may find it difficult to separate themselves from emotional shackles. In addition to improving communication, barriers and parenting practices, teens will also meet with a bigger support network of other students going through similar struggles and counselors who approach them with compassion and intelligence.

To receive answers to the top questions parents have about boarding schools, search YouTube for “Boarding Schools Illinois”.