Benefits OF Tulsi And Its Preparations


We have been discussing the benefits of Tulsi and its ark/kadha.Undoubtedly the benefits are inormous.

According to traditional use and the modern research of Tulsi, it is generally considered that there are no contraindications for most people and that it may be used daily for its health benefits. Not every herb is right for all the people. Just listen to your body and mind while using Tulsi and its ark/oil and kadha/ tea. Use it your own way suitable and decide yourself whether Tulsi works for you. Always consult a primary health care provider whenever you have concerns.

How to prepare Tulsi Kadha?

Take one cup of fresh water .put approximately 20 Tulsi fresh leaves, add 3-4 black pepper, a pinch of salt and add little sugar as per your taste. Now boil this mixture for 5 minutes. Filter it .in a cup and take this drink as per your requirement. Te concentration of this drink van be made stronger by using more quantity of its ingredients. This kadha can be taken during illness as per intensity of te disease varyin 3 to 5 times a day.
 How to prepare Tulsi Chutney?


  Tulsi leaves, Black salt ,Black pepper, Munakka, Cumin.
Take 25 gms. Of Tulsi leaves and 5 gms of rest of the ingredients, grind them well.
Take this chutney 5-6 times a day till your  illness goes off. This works very well in all the ailments and fevers.
Also there are Tulsi teas are available in the market of many companies, which too may be taken as readymade Tulsi tea. Those are easy to prepare too. These are available as Tulsi Chai Masala , Tulsi original tea etc.
It is important to describe about types of Tulsi leaves available. Tere are commonly 3 varieties are available.
1.Rama Tulsi
2.Krisna Tulsi
3.Vana Tulsi
Rama Tulsi is found commonly in the houses of Indians. Krisna Tulsi is not very commonly found. Wile Vana Tulsi is rarely found. For best results all te tree types should be mixed in equal ratio wile makin any preparation of Tulsi.
Tulsi is naturally delicious, slightly sweet, and a little spicy.
All the above narrated preparation can be prepared at home. While tulsi tea is also available in market
as readymade preparation. This can be stored generally around 2 yrs.

I hope this article is useful to all who believe in nature naturopathy and natural life style.

Reference…. is Tulsi?